18 Years and Just A Little Sad

In some ways it feels like it was yesterday and in other ways it feels as if it was 40 years ago, but today Dennis and I celebrate 18 years of marriage.  The road hasn’t been an easy one at times but our love has been easy.  Loving, supporting and encouraging each other through the good days and the bad days have been easy.  It is funny, we have said many times that when I am at my weakest, he is at his strongest and visa-versa.  I think God intentionally allows that to happen so one of you is always strong when the other needs you to be.

Our marriage started on a strong foundation with the Lord in the center of it.  We have always strived to keep Him there.  We haven’t always been successful at turning to the Lord first but we have done our best to.  Dennis is my best friend.  I won’t speak for him, but if I am not his best friend it sucks to be him because we are always together (except for the past month while we are living in different cities in different states).  He is the last one I think of when I go to sleep at night and he is the first one I think of when I wake up (yes, even before Hannah).  I was a wife before I was a mom.  I have failed many times at putting Dennis first as Hannah has needed more of me than most kids need their moms.  Let’s face it…..most kids are pretty independent after toddler stage.  Hannah has been a “toddler” going on 14 years now; so she occupies much of my time and mind.  When she goes to sleep at night….I am usually DONE!  Dennis has adjusted to that and realizes that she has to be my number one priority; I am thankful he recognizes and accepts that about me.  But, he is the love of my life and always will be.

Marriage is not easy….having a husband in law enforcement makes it harder…..having kids makes it even harder…..having a child with special needs, well even harder.  BUT….we have made it work.  I know it is because both of us love Jesus first and foremost and love, appreciate, honor, respect and truly care about each other.  I am so thankful for a husband who honors me, puts me on a pedestal (even though I don’t belong there), and has worked hard to provide for me and Hannah and make sure we have a comfortable lifestyle.  He even indulges me and my need for bags, shoes and diamonds!

Today, we are apart and it makes me sad.  In 18 years of marriage we have never spent our anniversary separated but I keep my focus on the reason for it and that in 25 days we will all be together again to start this new adventure in Birmingham.  We closed on our new home yesterday and if I can make it happen we will get up there sooner, but it depends on our movers.  Regardless in less than a month this separation will be over and I am so excited about that.

Happy Anniversary to my one and only, my ride or die, the father of my precious little girl, my protector, my defender, my best freind…..my HEART and HOME!  I love you Dennis!

August 31, 2001….seems like a lifetime ago! Yes, I was a blonde, but not naturally! HA! These 2 “kids”had no clue what life had in store!

Until next time……….



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