The Countdown

I have a friend…..she has been doing a countdown on FB for what’s going on in her life right now.    Her countdown is much longer than mine will be but her countdown is inspiring to me.  She keeps a lot close to her heart but I have watched her and how she finds things to be thankful for and to find joy in during this transition time in her life.  I admire her and her ability to stay so positive…..I admire anyone who can take somewhat crappy circumstances and find joy in them.  I find it more difficult to do that….I truly have to completely set my feelings (that perhaps I wear on my sleeve a lot) aside and instead of focusing on how sad I am or how I wish things were different I need to focus on these moments that will lead me to the final outcome.  In my case, it is the moment where Dennis, Hannah and I are reunited in our NEW home in our NEW city.

Hannah’s sweet teacher, Angela made Hannah a “social story.”  This is a book that helps explain the change going on in our life right now.  Daddy being gone, Mommy packing and Hannah having to leave this house and move to a new home soon.  Angela took pictures and wrote a book for Hannah.  I gave it to Hannah today and she has not put it down.  She keeps saying, “ready to move now, we love daddy, take long drive to Birmingham RIGHT NOW mommy…..please.”  It is sweet, yet heartbreaking at the same time.  She doesn’t completely understand why or when we are moving (the concept of time is lost on her, although I am going to make a countdown calendar for her once I have our moving date set) but all she sees with that book is one day soon we will be with daddy in Birmingham.  Let’s face it, that is our ONLY focus!  We all 3 are ready to be reunited together for good (and it has only been a week), HA!

But, I am going to focus on the good things…..

Here are a few (bullet points for Brian, Sharon and Tracy):

  • Thankful I am not rushing around to pack…..ability to take my time
  • Wonderful neighbors who have checked on me and have taken my trash and recycle to the street for me
  • Chicken salad handmade and hand-delivered by Adrienne (y’all, if you know Adrienne and have had her chicken salad you know what a blessing that is).  She also delivered chocolate donuts for Hannah…..WIN/WIN
  • Help by Brian and his son Hunter…..they have gone above and beyond…..I will list those things here:
    • Boxes, boxes and more boxes to pack with
    • Cleaning out my attic and putting everything in the garage for me
    • Allowing me time to go through the attic stuff and then hauling away what I didn’t want
    • Brian is going to fix my mailbox and help me unload my far garage soon  (he doesn’t know the garage part yet), HA!
    • A PHONE call away
    • Willing and ready to cut my grass (because y’all know I ain’t gonna do it)
    • HIs wife Monica, willing and ready to come help me pack; texting me and encouraging me
  • My friend Bill willing to haul a load of stuff to Dennis on closing day for our new house so he can live there immediately
  • Time with Hannah…..she tells me “Mommy/Hannah best friends forever!  MELT MY HEART!
  • Time with this home….a home that I will always cherish.  My sweet grandpa built it for my mom.  It was my safe place until I met and married Dennis.  Y’all don’t ask me how many times I moved in and out of this home in my 20’s…..I lost count!  This has always been home to me and I am thankful for the 30 years of safety I have felt here
  • AMAZON (Need I say more)????  LOL!
  • Target delivery
  • Publix Pharmacy staff that truly are sad that I am moving.  Y’all…..I have the BEST Publix Pharmacy.  Those people are my family.  You know that show Cheers (the bar where everyone knows your name)  Well, that is my Publix Pharmacy and I will miss them all so much!  I suppose when you pick up close to 20 prescriptions every month for yourself and your child; well, they are bound to know you!
  • Some special friends who want to see me before I leave
  • Babysitters who are going the extra mile to help me out so I can have a few nights out in the next few months
  • Hannah’s tutor, Angela…..6 years……6 years of her being part of our family.  Watching her have a family of her own.  Her willingness to come twice a week while I am here to work with Hannah.  ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS TO ME!
  • Hannah’s love for Danielle (her ABA therapist and one of our babysitters), Julieann (she calls me Aunt T, she is part of our family and our other babysitter) and my niece Megan…of course Angela too.  I am going to miss these 4 women more than anything and Hannah will have a huge void in her life for sure.  I am cherishing them right now.
  • My brother and sister-in-law……they are just there…..whatever I need
  • My sister-in-law and brother-in-law……again, whatever I need
  • Dennis…..he has a wonderful family he is living with right now (in their basement apartment).  They are taking such wonderful care of him and treating him like family.  In fact, he might be getting a tad bit spoiled.  He told me that Kay was ironing his top sheet and pillowcases today…..Ummmmm, I ain’t doing that!  Ha!  So thankful for Kay and Chip (thank you Adrienne).
  • Dennis’ cousin Brady and his family!  OH, how I can’t wait to get there and spend time with them.

I know that is a lot of bullet points, but I am thankful!  I could go on and on but I am sure you want me to stop.  Bottom line is…..I will be thankful and find joy in this transition period because in just a few short months we will be reunited with Dennis in our new home in Birmingham.  I.CANNOT.WAIT!

Missing him


SOON, baby girl….VERY SOON!

Until next time…….


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