Just For A Moment


Transitioning through a change is H.A.R.D

Being without your other (better) half is H.A.R.D

Single parenting is H.A.R.D

Being away from your child is H.A.R.D

We are in the middle of H.A.R.D but it is just for a moment…..a few months that will most likely seem like years.  I keep reminding myself that it is just for a moment and we will be reunited in our new home, new city, new life and on our new journey.

I am sitting here today rather numb.  The tears have fallen freely today (I am giving myself today to just allow the grief to consume me), but tomorrow I will pick up the pieces and forge forward counting down the days until we are reunited as a family.  I am praying our house sells quickly.  We close on our new home on August 30th and I pray that shortly after that we can all be together in Birmingham.

I don’t know how military families do this…..I mean a week or 10 days apart is fine….but months and even a year?  Oh, the sacrifice…..the heartbreak……the difficulty.  I stand here amazed at so many men and women who do this to defend and protect our country.  THANK YOU!  Until this moment I didn’t realize their complete sacrifice to leave their families for months at a time.  I am ashamed that I never knew what this must have felt like for so many to leave their spouse and children…..

For those who have lived life ALONE for so long, God bless you.  I am sure the loneliness can be all-consuming for you.

For those who live one place and work in another……where they travel constantly but leave a family behind when they do……I feel you right now and know that you are doing it for your family and my heart is with you as you work hard to provide.

Dennis, Hannah and I will get through this time apart and be reunited.  This separation is just for a moment; but right now, from where I am sitting, it feels like an eternity already!

Please pray for Dennis as this is harder on him than on me.  He is in a new city…..alone…..trying to learn a new job…..missing his girls.  Pray for him please. Pray for Hannah.  She misses her daddy.  Pray for me as I keep things going around here and pack up our house.  This is just for a moment…….

Until next time………

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