Neighbors and Life

Do you have good neighbors?  We do…..I am so thankful.

When Dennis and I got married 17 years ago he had a home already so I moved into it.  It was a great home but we quickly started to outgrow it.  It wasn’t real big or spacious and once Hannah came along we knew we would eventually need more indoor space.  We would talk about it and we kept going back to one thing.  If we moved we would lose our neighbors (because we had incredible neighbors there too).  The thought of moving to a new place and having bad neighbors kept us in the same place for a long time (about 15 years).  When our next door neighbors decided to sell that is when we thought, “okay, maybe it is time for us to do the same.”  Funny thing is our next door neighbor sold, we sold, and then about 4 other families in our neighborhood sold as well.  It was like a mass exodus! We were so sad to leave that neighborhood and our neighbors.  We had the best.  We had purchased land in a gated community several years prior but then my parents offered us a deal we couldn’t refuse to buy their home since they were downsizing.  So, we sold our home and bought my parents home.  Guess what?  We have INCREDIBLE neighbors again.  God blessed us with neighbors just like our last neighborhood, those neighbors who become family.

This week, sadness hit our neighborhood as our across the street neighbor, Mr. Hall passed away.  Dennis happened to be over there with Mrs. Hall when it happened.  It shook Dennis and I to our cores as we just adored him and we love his sweet wife, Judy.  In just 2-1/2 years they had become family to us and this loss, after so much loss this year already, has really broken our hearts.

Life is so short and precious.  I think that is what 2018 has taught me. I have found myself since Mr. Hall’s death feeling very sad and walking around in a daze.  We are given one life to live to the fullest.  Yes, life is not always fun but we have just one life to live.  2018 has taught me that no matter what, we have to live it with no regret.  We have to enjoy the good moments and push hard through the bad ones.  We have to smile through the joy and persevere through the grief.  We have to dance and sing through the happy times and fight hard through the sad times.  We have one life……one chance……to get it right.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t always have the best attitude or outlook.  Let’s face it, life has been hard…..really hard the past nearly 5 years especially (once PANDAS hit).  Then 2018 has been incredibly difficult and heartbreaking with the loss of both Dennis’ parents and my grandmother, my mom’s sickness and now Mr. Hall.  Mr. Hall’s death once again showed me that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow and we have to be present in the here and now and just live…..just breathe through the difficulties and push forward. Life is so very precious.

I hope you have neighbors that are like family to you.  Dennis and I are so very blessed to know that we can call on our neighbors anytime, day or night and they will be right there.  What an amazing gift…..even more amazing is we can do that with our last group of neighbors also even though we don’t live around them anymore and they would be right there.  Neighbors are friends (chosen family) for life and we are so very thankful.

If y’all think about it would you pray for Judy and Daniel Hall?  That God gives them peace and comfort during this time.  Rest in peace Mr. Hall, until we meet again!

Until next time………


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