Just Keep Swimming

I tell you what, the past nearly 3 months have been HARD!  I got sick on Mother’s Day, the roller coaster ride named “Hannah” is in full force (although we have had more good days than bad ones, the bad ones are so very challenging), my Grandma held onto life with sheer force (18 days with no food or fluid and unresponsive…..how did her 95-year-old organs sustain that).  Plus, a slew of other infuriating things I won’t talk about.  I feel like I am in a toilet bowl that is in continual flush mode and it keeps circling down……then I am reminded of Dory from Finding Nemo…..Just Keep Swimming.  Problem is I never learned how to swim (literally) so if this was truly in a body of water I would have drowned by now.  Fortunately, this body of water is just LIFE.  Some days I am swimming like a pro and other days I am barely treading water and then days like today I am holding onto the side and a life-preserver for dear life.

Life……isn’t that how it goes…..sometimes you are on the mountain top singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music” and other days you are in a body of water nearly drowning and you have to keep saying, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

My calendar the month of August is covered with medical testing and doctor appointments for both me and Hannah.  Some of the testing I am dreading but I am thankful my Neurologist has heard me, thinks he knows what the problem is and is doing the appropriate testing.  I don’t like the sounds of the “possible diagnosis” but if it is confirmed then at least we will have answers and can move ahead with treatment.  I covet your prayers.  I am not 100%, haven’t been for nearly 3 months and I am tired and weary.  My sweet husband is pulling quite the load right now as he works all day and off-duty then comes home and has to help more than usual.  He has eaten cereal a lot for dinner too; which makes me feel awful.  Each day is different and some mornings I wake up and I am able to function fairly well but then other days I barely have the energy to get a shower (just for the record I still get one though, HA).

Anyway, I was sitting here with Hannah and she put Finding Nemo in her DVD player and it made me think of Dory and how through the hard times she was so positive and just kept swimming…..amazing what you can learn from a Disney movie.  So, today, I will just keep swimming, swimming, swimming and thankful that it is figurative and not literal because I would rather not drown.

If you feel alone, if you are sick, if you are tired, if you are struggling, if you are weary…..just keep swimming.  You can face whatever comes your way if you have Jesus.  He alone will sustain you even if rest of the world walks out…..He is always there!  JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

Until next time……….



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