Fear Of Failure

Fear  of failure, a very real thing that many people face; but not everyone is willing to admit it.  I have many “fears of failure” in my life.  Fear of a marriage failing (I already had one).  Fear of not being a good enough mom (this is a daily fear with me).  Fear of Hannah’s future especially if something were to happen to Dennis and me.  Fear of failing in my new business venture with Vasayo.  So many fears that I truly, if you think about it, have no control over.  Yes, I can do my best and put all my effort into my responsibilities but the fact is, I could still fail.  The way I look at it though is you will always fail if you don’t try.

One of my hesitations before signing up to be a Brand Partner with Vasayo was ultimately failing.  I mean, I had never been part of any kind of direct sales before….heck, I had never sold anything to anyone before so I just assumed I would be bad at it (I still might be, but it isn’t stopping me from trying).  I saw what these products did for me personally and THEN I saw what they did for Hannah and it was a no-brainer for me at that point to at least try.  It has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least since I signed up.  I mean, Hannah is doing so much better, I am doing so much better, I am building a customer base, I went to Vegas, spoke in front of nearly 7,000 people (twice), won a car, worked my backside off (burning my candle at both ends) and afraid (just last week) that this business wasn’t going anywhere and then BOOM…..I am about to hit Bronze with my company.  I went from Brand Partner to Executive Brand Partner overnight and now I am literally about 150 points away from hitting Bronze!  I know if you aren’t in this business you have no clue what I am talking about but for me, that is huge.  Here I was afraid of failing and so far (even on days where I thought I was going to), I haven’t and I am succeeding.  I have a long way to go still to hit my goal but I am closer today than I was when this journey began just 2 months ago!  I literally signed up as a Brand Partner in May and here we are 2 months later and I am hitting my goals step by step, day by day, slow and steady and the best part…..wait for it…..I AM HELPING PEOPLE!

I want to continue helping people and I am looking into finding a ministry/non-profit that I can help at this time.  I am going to take some of my earnings and I am going to find a ministry to support.  I don’t know just yet what that ministry will be but helping people is my #1 goal with this business.  Our products are amazing, this business is amazing, the people (my Vasayo family) are some of the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate and loving people I have ever met.  I am so happy to be right here.  Right here where God wants me to be sharing products I believe in, helping others and sharing the love of Jesus.

Am I still fearful?  Yes, I think I will always have the “caution flag” up (read my blog posts over the years you will see that I have major trust issues with other people and myself).  But, even though that caution flag is up, my head is clear and focused (thank you Neuro), my heart is in the right place, MY WHY is HUGE (Hannah’s continued improvement and Dennis’ impending retirement), and this company, our leaders, our Brand Partners and our products are the REAL DEAL.

I am so excited and would love to share more about my journey and more about our products and business opportunity with you if you want to know more.  If you want, research about our products and company on my website and then let me answer any questions you may have.


Until next time………..


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