Rock Bottom

I have had a really heavy heart this week after reading about so much hurt from people on Facebook.  Either with family issues, illnesses, problems with children, divorce, death, problems in the church, loss of jobs, rejection from peers or family.  The list goes on.  I have been there, more than once, where you feel you have hit rock bottom and you feel totally isolated and alone.

I saw this yesterday and it spoke to me:

I saw that and thought…..WOW, I had never thought of the rock bottom times being allowed by God to show us that He is the rock at the bottom!  Isn’t that the coolest thing to realize?

In the past 12 years I have learned more about overcoming challenges, facing fears, crying out for help, loneliness, perseverance, strength (and the lack thereof), difficult journey’s and yes hitting rock bottom many times.  I have hit rock bottom and cried out to God for help because I felt all alone and had no one else to depend on.  I have cried puddles of tears and I have at times had no tears left to shed.  I have wondered how I will take my next breath and barely able to withstand putting one foot in front of the other on the really hard days.  I have begged God for peace.  I have begged God to take it all away.  I have pleaded with Him for healing and for Heaven.  Yes, on those really hard days I have begged for Heaven.  Hard to admit; but I did.

I write all this to say……if you are struggling (I know many of you are).  If you feel all alone and you don’t feel as if you have the strength to carry on.  If you have hit rock bottom……I PROMISE you God is the rock at the bottom.  He is there and He loves you.  He will never leave you and he will never forsake you.  There is NOTHING and NO ONE that can pluck you from His hand.  He has a reason for your heartache, a reason for your pain, a reason for this season of life.  I can tell you this because I have hit rock bottom more than once and He has been right there each time; even the times I didn’t see or feel Him, He was there.

All I can say is I understand hurt, pain, loneliness, rejection and yes, even judgment.  But through it all, God was there…..He still is and He always will be.

I am in a much better place now than I have been in a VERY long time…..4 years to be exact.  Do I have bad days?  Absolutely.  Do I get discouraged?  Yes.  Are we past the worst?  I pray so, but only time will tell.  But, I do know this……NO MATTER WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS…..I KNOW THE GOD OF MERCY, PEACE, STRENGTH AND GRACE WHO HOLDS THE FUTURE and that is enough for me.  When you hit rock bottom perhaps God allows it for you to see HE is the rock at the bottom…… blessed and cling to Him and His promises…….

Until next time……..



One thought on “Rock Bottom

  1. Deb Klausing says:

    You are amazing 😊 I do you agree that God is your rock-bottom because when you get there he is the one that will lift you up my two favorite verses in the book of Romans 8: 28 Proverbs 3: 5-6. 🙏🏻🙏🏻💗GOD BLESS 💗

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