Accused of Lying

WOW!  I had zero intentions of sitting down and writing today because frankly I don’t really have time.  But, if you have followed my blog very long you know I write often times out of frustration and it is good therapy for me.  Today, I am just plain confused.

I received a private message a few minutes ago that left me speechless and saddened.  A “friend” accused me of lying about Vasayo and the positive results we are seeing in Hannah.  First and foremost, if ANYONE knows me, you know I am authentic, truthful and real.  I am not going to say anything about any product if it isn’t true.  I personally used the Vasayo products for a month before I even tried them with Hannah and before I got into the business.  I will say this, take out the fact that I am a Brand Partner in Vasayo completely…..I would still be using the products and promoting them!  It saddens me that there are people out there who think I am lying to just make a sale!  I PROMISE IF THESE PRODUCTS DIDN’T WORK I WOULD NOT BE USING THEM, PROMOTING THEM OR MUCH LESS SELLING THEM.  I especially wouldn’t be using them on my chid!  The private message literally knocked the wind out of my sails……briefly!

I know… it is…..”oh she is selling them, trying to make an easy buck and now claims these products are miracle-working.”  Well, no…..”making a buck” is just icing on the cake.  Helping people, especially those who have sick children is my number one goal.  If I didn’t make another dime doing this business I would still want to see these products getting into the hands of those who need them.  Now, will these products work for everyone?  No, probably not as I have had a few people try them and tell me they didn’t work but what have they lost trying it?  And, those people are few and far between; as the majority have used them and benefited from them.

I have had a lot of skeptics (trust me I was one too), but the people who truly know me and my heart know that I am not going to lie about what the products are doing for Hannah.  Trust me when I tell you, I was the biggest skeptic about Vasayo prior to using it.  I didn’t understand liposome technology and how these products worked, but I was desperate to help my child and willing to try anything (I had already tried everything else); what did I have to lose to try one more thing?  I could post all over social media and my blog PANDA-induced rages, aggression, depression, anxiety, OCD, tic pictures and videos of Hannah.  I refuse to show the worst of it all to spare Hannah the embarrassment and frankly to spare Dennis and me as well.  It is awful watching your child go into a full-blown screaming rage and watch her attack herself and those around her.  It is heartbreaking to watch her curl up in a ball and cry for hours for no apparent reason.  It is nerve-racking to listen to her repeat herself over and over and over again with the same words, phrases, self-stim behavior and OCD issues.  I could post so many heartbreaking videos and pictures but I haven’t and I won’t.  But, to call me a liar because I am trying to make “an easy buck,” is just plain mean!  I am not pushy.  I am not a salesperson.  What I am is a mom who has tried EVERY DANG THING ON THE MARKET and nothing has worked to help my precious little girl until now.  What I am is a mom who has been given an answer to her prayers.  What I am is a mom who hasn’t worked in 12 years and has felt unfulfilled and now has a product that I can share with others that is working for Hannah and I can now help other people.  I am not going to push Vasayo (the product or the business) on anyone.  You have freewill!   You can try it or not.  You can buy it or not.  You can become a Brand Partner or not.  All I am doing is sharing what these products have done for us……and you know what?  These products have given Hannah back to us and after 4 years of a living HELL on earth I will not stop talking about it.  You have the choice to scroll on by or stop and take a look…..the choice is totally up to you!

Well, I feel better now!  Thanks for stopping by!

This SMILE is a direct result of a RESTFUL night sleep (and lots and lots and lots of prayer). THIS bottle is one of our MIRACLES!

Until next time……..


3 thoughts on “Accused of Lying

  1. I just started blogging and I 100% agree with you that sometimes it feels like a good therapy session. I think it’s a blessing Vasayo is working for Hannah and for you. We as mom’s get so caught up in being wives and mom’s that we lose who we are especially if we have children with special needs.
    Seeing that Vasayo is helping your Hannah is wonderful. I look forward to your post on the progress and the fact that it’s giving you more of a voice and allowing you to share and help others is another benefit. The extra money is nice weekly but that’s not why many of us who are with Vasayo are doing it the $$ is just extra blessing.
    If people would step outside of their judgemental boxes and take a deeper look into Vasayo they would see we are a COMMUNITY not just a COMPANY. We pray for one another, we lift one another up, we help one another even from different states. Vasayo is so MUCH MORE then network marketing, health products and $$$.
    I just keep reminding myself Tamara that “Haters are gonna Hate” and SATAN is going to do everything in his power to silence us and stomp out any positive productive movement we try to do in our lives as Christians.
    Keep your head up, keep doing what your doing, you are a true blessing to many. Thank you for sharing and being transparent with your life.
    Love Patti Bennett from Wildomar Ca,

  2. Jamie Scotson says:

    I applaud you for continuing to look for ways to help your child. Unless someone had walked a mile in your shoes with a child that is struggeling and trying everything possible to help that child and praying for an answer to help your child they have no rightful place to say anything. I am so happy God placed these products in your life and are helping Hannah but also helping to restore your purpose. By the way I live reading your blogs. Praise God He put products in your life and they help and also allow you to make a few bucks to help your family financially as well. So happy for you.

  3. Susanne says:

    Just ignore them. You are an amazing and trust worthy friend . You do everything to make a happy life for Hannah . You always put Hannah’s needs before your own

    People like that are just ignorant

    Always keeping you in our prayers

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