Sleep Tight Baby Girl

I am probably not alone when I say that bedtime for Hannah is my favorite part of the day.  Let’s be real people…..the days are long and hard when you have a child; especially one who has special needs and even though she is nearly 12 years old, cognitively she is still a toddler in so many ways.  So, all the years prior to her getting sick I would LIVE for bedtime.  After she got sick, I literally dreaded it because as you know sleep did not come easy for her due to the inflammation on her brain and if she was awake, so was I.

For four long years I would lay in bed “on call.”  I would halfway sleep, never allowing myself to relax enough to get in that deep sleep afraid that the moment I did Hannah would be awake and needing me.  I remember several times being literally “dead to the world” and waking up because I felt someone staring at me.  Hannah had walked into our room without me even knowing.  Normally I would hear her tiny feet walking down the long hallway on the wood floors; but on those rare occasions I would wake up and she would be standing by my bed not saying a word…..just starring at me.  Kind of eerie!  So, bedtime/nighttime has been difficult for us over the past 4 years until the past month.  I never dreamed of these current nights being a reality!  I am so thankful.

Tonight……I watched Hannah fall asleep.  I kissed her on her head and told her to close her eyes.  She said…..”I love you so much all my heart mama,” and then drifted off to sleep so peacefully.  She was still somewhat awake when I walked out of her room but a few minutes later I walked back in to check on her and I watched her with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.  The peaceful slumber had engulfed her and I stood there so very grateful to my Heavenly Father for bringing Vasayo into our life.  These products have truly been a miracle for us.  I know I blog about it a lot lately but when your child has been sick for so long and you have lived a nightmare with no end in sight; then you find something that works you can’t help but talk about it, share it and be passionate about it.  That is how I am right now.  I owe so much to Vasayo, not only the products but the people involved and the business as well.  I have to shout it from the mountaintops!

Tonight though I stood there by Hannah’s bedside and I quietly mouthed the words, “sleep tight baby girl” and thanked the Lord for this miracle.  The miracle of SLEEP for Hannah.  I knew she wasn’t sleeping well for 4 years and it wasn’t for lack of trying EVERYTHING under the sun to help her; to no avail.  I had no clue though just how little sleep she was getting and how that was contributing negatively to her overall decline in personality and behavior.  It is amazing the effect no sleep has on you and the effect that a good night sleep has on you… is a world of difference.

So, tonight I sat there and watched her so grateful and thankful for that moment of watching her drift quickly off to sleep……I truly never thought this day would come.  Sleep tight baby girl……see you in the morning!

Well, I don’t have a recent picture of her sleeping so this old one will have to do…..I miss this season of life but I am hopeful for the seasons ahead of us!

Until next time………


One thought on “Sleep Tight Baby Girl

  1. Marcy says:

    Once when my Ruth was 2, I had a night like you described. I was *dead* asleep and woke for some reason. Went rushing over to Ruthie’s room and…..she.was.gone!!!! I searched the entire house, turned every light on, and still, no Ruth! I went screaming/running back to my bedroom to wake my husband, and there she was, standing on his side of the bed, holding his hand while he slept, and staring at me. I feel your pain. 😱

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