Spinal Tap and Surprise

I haven’t had time to blog until today but I had to share a detail about Hannah’s spinal tap on Wednesday.  I was dreading it, for many reasons, obviously, but especially Hannah’s anxiety and the fact that she couldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight on Tuesday night and her procedure was not scheduled until 1pm on Wednesday, which is crazy!  But, in all fairness, the older the child the later the procedure usually.  I get it, but I was dreading hearing “Hannah’s hungry” a million times and having to tell her “no” without her understanding why.  So, I prayed Tuesday night that the Lord would comfort her and make her not sad, scared, anxious or hungry!  He answered our prayers 100 times better than I had even hoped for (why does that still surprise me)?!?!  Not only did we not hear the first time “Hannah’s hungry” but there was NO anxiety!  In fact, when the anesthesiologist came in to explain the procedure and have us sign our life away in case of anything going wrong; Hannah looked at her and said, “doctor put Hannah night-night….Hannah ready…..let’s do it!”  We were cracking up!  As the nurse wheeled her on the bed (which she squealed with glee, “Hannah so excited, so fun”) to the room to do the spinal tap, we got to the door and we weren’t allowed to go any further with her.  We told her goodbye, hugged her and kissed her with tears in our eyes and she looked at Dennis and me and said “See you in the morning when I wake up!”  She had the biggest smile on her face and waved at us and blew us kisses as the doors closed behind her!  THANK YOU LORD FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS!  We don’t have any results yet and I am assuming they will be anywhere from a week to 2 weeks before we do…..now we wait!  I don’t like waiting…..never have, who does?  My only prayer right now is for definitive answers; we will deal with whatever comes after that.

On Friday afternoon I loaded the car and headed to Orlando to pick up a special surprise for Hannah.  I went to pick up Henny to bring her home for good.  It was a day 2 years in the making.  If you recall, it got to the point in June of 2014 that we had to give Henny back to CCI (Canine Companions for Independence).  Not because we wanted to; but at the time Hannah was so sick, we felt we had no choice.  It was in Hannah’s and in Henny’s best interest.  CCI could have easily told us that they were going to try to place Henny with another family, but instead they offered her Puppy Raisers, Marty and Cathy, the chance to foster her for us; which they gladly did.  So for almost the past 2 years, they have had Henny.  They have loved her and taken care of her in the hopes that one day we would be able to bring her back home.  That day was yesterday.  Over the past 2 years we have seen Henny as often as possible.  Marty and Cathy have had an open door policy with us allowing us to come and visit, even spending the night with them many times.  They have truly become family!  Upon arriving at their home on Friday, Marty was preparing a delicious dinner with all of my favorites and let me say…..Ruth Chris has NOTHING on Marty!

Shrimp Cocktail Appetizer

Shrimp Cocktail Appetizer

Beef tenderloin, grilled loaded baked potato and grilled asparagus. There was also cheesecake but I didn't take a picture of that. I inhaled it too quickly!

Beef tenderloin, grilled loaded baked potato and grilled asparagus. There was also cheesecake but I didn’t take a picture of that. I inhaled it too quickly!

They always roll out the red carpet for me…..I had a great time with them and with Jeff and Lori, more dear friends of mine.  We ate outside in their outdoor kitchen around the pool….it is like eating in Paradise.

Marty and Cathy with their outdoor table lit up with fire! So cool!

Marty and Cathy with their outdoor table lit up with fire! So cool!

On Saturday, I loaded Henny and all of her things (including MANY new things that Marty and Cathy had purchased for her) in my truck and we made the trip back to Jacksonville.

In the truck heading home!

In the truck heading home!

I put a video on Facebook of Henny and Hannah’s reunion but couldn’t get it to upload on my blog.  Here are some pictures that I took though after we got settled in the house!



Henny and Hannah both seem very happy and everyone slept good last night, for that I am thankful.  Now do you notice the color of Henny and the color of my hardwood floors?  Yep….I will be vacuuming A LOT!  HA!

Marty and Cathy, there are no words to adequately express how much we love you both and how thankful we are for your willingness to take care of Henny for us the past nearly 2 years!  Thank you seems so inadequate to truly relay what is in our hearts.  You went above and beyond the call of duty and we are eternally grateful for you both and the investment that you continue to make in our lives!  You are so near and dear to us and we are so blessed to call you “family!”

Welcome Home Henny-Girl!  We love you!


Until next time………



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