I Still Do…….

I vowed to honor, love, cherish and obey in the good times and bad, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health

until death did us part.

I took those vows 14 years ago today and even though it hasn’t always been easy (wow, especially the last 2 years); they are vows that I would say all over again to the love of my life.  The man who God literally dropped down from Heaven to me 15 years ago and the ONLY man who I would EVER want to do this life with.

Dennis……I didn’t know it was possible to love you more today than the day I walked down that aisle to pledge my love and life to you.  I had NO clue what life was going to throw at us (and at times it has felt like too much).  But, no matter how tough the journey has been, no matter how difficult the climb and no matter the tears we have both shed…..IT HAS ALL BEEN WORTH IT, with you!

Life was easy…..life was calm…..life was peaceful for the most part!  We worked, we played, we laughed, we loved and then like a thunderbolt from Heaven we decided that we wanted to be parents and God gave us our most precious gift.  This little girl who was fearfully and wonderfully created by our Heavenly Father out of love…..but…..WOW!  Who knew the rollercoaster the past 10 years this would be?  God did, and He knew that I couldn’t do it alone and that you couldn’t do it alone, but He knew that together……together because of the love He gave us for each other and the way we both love Him that NO MATTER what life threw at us; He would equip us with whatever we needed.  He has and I know He will continue to do just that.  Equip us for this continued journey and allow us to find joy no matter our circumstances.  Because, you see, I know He gave you to me because He knew you were the ONLY man who could handle me and handle us and He knew that no matter what, you and I together with His guiding hand would be able to do this…..

Today, we celebrate so much.  Today we celebrate the good times, the memories, the love but also looking back and seeing God’s hand.  His hand of guidance, direction and mercy.  His hand of grace in the trying times and His hand of peace in the sad times.  We celebrate the miracles we have witnessed and the milestones that might not have been.  We celebrate the way He brought us together and the love that was formed.  We celebrate the brokenness and the healing.  We celebrate the bad choices and the good ones; the lessons learned and the tragedies averted.  We celebrate finding God’s best in each other and accepting the things we cannot change.  We celebrate our life together, our individuality and our being one.

I love that you allow that independence in me…..that individual person that is so different from most people.  I love that you accept those things about me that A. you will never tame or change and B. that you really wouldn’t want to.  I love that you love me for ME.  OCD, germaphobe, control-freak, wine-drinking, Type A personality who sometimes doesn’t give a flying-flip about anyone or anything if they get in my way…..the girl who loves you and our daughter more than anything in this world.  The girl who is completely different from the one you married due to life’s circumstances……the girl who you love, accept and never judge.  You allow me to be me……even though that person I once was is no longer……you love the girl who evolved over this 14 years.  I love you for that…….I love you for not trying to change me back to who I was but evolving with me.  Because, you my dear husband, have done just that!  Thank you, thank you for being my rock……my steady hand……my heart……my hope……and my very BEST FRIEND.

Happy Anniversary, my love……let’s do this for 14 more years and longer.  As I told you the day we were married…..you are the love of my life and I am so very thankful God created you just for me!


I love you!

Designs From The Heart and Episode Of Hoarders

We are experiencing the most exciting thing in our home right now; but let me start from the beginning……..

I can’t remember exactly when this happened, but it had to be way over a year and a half ago.  I received a call from a friend of mine who wanted so desperately to do something for us that was tangible.  She and her family were praying for us, but she had an idea and wanted to ask my permission to do it.  She had a friend who was involved with Designs From The Heart; an organization that does room makeovers for disabled and critically ill children.  She asked if she could submit Hannah’s name for a room makeover.  What she didn’t know is that Dennis and I had been talking about how we needed to get Hannah new furniture and a bigger bed, but was put on the back burner when Hannah got so sick.  We had to prioritize where we spent our  money and that was not at the top of the list.  So, even though I was skeptical that Hannah would be chosen, because there are sicker children than Hannah out there, I still said yes.  Then not too long after that another friend of mine whose son goes to Hannah’s school received a room makeover from Designs From the Heart and she mentioned our name to them as well.  So, and again the time-frame slips my mind, but about 8-9 months ago I received a call from Sheri at Designs From The Heart to tell me that Hannah had been chosen for a room makeover.  I was beyond thrilled, not only because Hannah’s room needed a makeover but because Hannah needed a new, safe, clean place where she could sleep and play, being that she is stuck in our home 24/7.  I was touched and amazed that we had been chosen.

Over the past few months, we have had some sweet people from Designs From the Heart come in our home to take measurements and talk to me about Hannah’s likes and the things that I would like to see her have.  This is truly the most incredible group of people; who have hearts of pure gold.  The main things I asked for was a bigger bed for Hannah as she is such a restless sleeper, she needed something bigger than her twin bed.  I also asked for lots of storage space including her closet and blackout shades for her room.  Other than those things though, I left the design and everything up to them.  I am completely clueless on colors, designs, patterns, furniture…..everything will be a surprise to us as well.

Yesterday it began…….the designers and workers came to our home and unloaded tons of things into our garage and locked themselves in Hannah’s room.  This is what we saw…….

So cute!

So cute!

So, we have promised not to peek until the big reveal takes place on Thursday!  I will be honest, I had to lock the door after they left yesterday.  Mainly, because Hannah kept trying to go in there but I was just too dang curious myself so I locked the door and put the key up.  Now, granted, if I so wanted to I could unlock the door but I am determined not to as I want to be surprised on Thursday too.  As hard as it is for this “self-confessed control freak” to not be “in the loop” it is exciting too.  So, we wait for the completion on Thursday!  The house will be buzzing with all kinds of workers on Monday and Wednesday especially!  I can’t wait to share the before and after pictures with all my readers real soon!

Now, you might wonder where ALL of Hannah’s things are that we had to take out of her room.  Well, my living room and spare bedroom (which is an office) looks like an episode of Hoarders!  Seriously, it is awful!  I had no clue that ALL of this stuff was packed-out in Hannah’s room.  Her clothes, toys, dolls, TV, DVD’s, games, decorations, books, book and more books……unreal that all of this fit!  Now, not all of it is going back in…..but I will weed through it and then donate what we don’t keep.  I did find really good homes for her furniture and those sweet friends were happy to get it.  All the pieces needed were some TLC.  So, if you are curious what our living room and spare bedroom look like, here you go:

At least there is a slight pathway still visible!

At least there is a slight pathway still visible!

Another angle of the living room!

Another angle of the living room!

The "learning room" aka office which is also Hannah's makeshift bedroom......

The “learning room” aka office which is also Hannah’s makeshift bedroom……

I think the hardest part of all of this is walking past these two rooms and seeing all the clutter!  Oh my…..I just want to clean it all up!  Soon…..come Friday my house will be back in order and in all honesty ALL of this mess will be so worth it to see the look on Hannah’s face!

Until next time……….

Death By Jillian and Coming Back For More

Jillian……Jillian Michaels….you know the personal trainer from The Biggest Loser?  Yep, that one….the one with the great figure and the no excuse attitude.  She tried to kill me yesterday, no lie!  So here’s the story…..

A few months ago I was shopping around on Amazon Prime.   I am a huge Amazon Prime shopper; heck almost all my shopping nowadays is done sitting in front of my computer.  Anyway, I saw Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred DVD for $6.99 and thought, “what the heck….let’s try it….how hard can it be.”  HAHAHA!  Jokes on me!  Thanks to Amazon Prime, 2 days later, I had the DVD in hand so I did what most people would do and without opening it just set it on the bookshelf (I mean where else to you put a DVD, right) with all the books I have had good intentions to read (but never have) and left it there.  Let me stop here and give you a little back story…..

I have not ever been athletic.  I really never have had to be (in terms of weight).  I used to be able to pretty much eat whatever I wanted, not exercise and be thin.  Well, until 3 years ago.  Back in 2000, after my divorce I decided to relieve stress that I would take up running.  So from 2000 until even while I was 3 months pregnant in 2005, I ran 2-4 miles 3-4 times per week.  I was in the best shape of my life.  I actually had muscle tone.  But, being pregnant with Hannah put a halt on my running (per the doctor), so I stopped.  After Hannah was born, I desperately tried to take up running again but for the first 5 months of her life I was plain too exhausted (do to the fact I had to feed her every 3 hours and it took an hour and a half to do each feeding since it was through her G-tube) and at month 4 she had her first open-heart surgery and we were in the hospital for over a month.  After that, I tried to run again and I just couldn’t get into it.  It hurt my knees and by this time it had been over a year and frankly I was just over it all.  A few years after that I joined a gym and got back into pretty good shape as I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week.  That all ended abruptly when Hannah got sick in September of 2013 and I haven’t been back to the gym since.  All of that back story leads me to now.

Remember when I said I used to be able to eat anything I wanted, whenever I wanted?  Well, that was until that dreaded Menopause hit 3 years ago!  Yes, I am 43 years old and went through Menopause at the age of 40!  Long story, and I won’t bore you with the details.  So, hormone patches and progesterone pills later it shut down my metabolism (among other things), but I will spare you the “too much information” portion of that story.  Anywhoo, now, I have to watch EVERY BLASTED THING I PUT IN MY MOUTH!  I usually only drink coffee for breakfast (I know, shame on me for not eating breakfast).  At lunch I always eat a salad with barely a drizzle of dressing and for dinner I eat a portion smaller than what I fix Hannah.  Dessert or snack is Yoplait 100 calorie yogurt and maybe some whole grain goldfish if I am really living on the edge!  You would think eating like that I would lose weight, but NO!  Now, I haven’t put any weight on either which is good, but if I ate any differently, I certainly would.  In fact I weigh the exact same thing I did when I got pregnant with Hannah in 2004 but well, lets just say with age, Menopause and no exercise, things aren’t where they are supposed to be and the muscle tone is gone.

Yesterday, I had ENOUGH!  I went to that bookcase, got that Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred DVD down, put it in the DVD player, put my workout clothes on and decided it was time to work out with Jillian.  Now, this DVD has 3-20 minute videos…..yes, just 20 minutes each.  I mean, who can’t do 20 minutes of exercise….HELLO?  I was at least smart enough to start with the Level 1 video.  Honestly, I thought of starting with Level 2, of course, if I had of I would not be typing this right now as I would most likely not be here anymore!  HA!  So, I started off with a bang…..the warm-up lasted 3 minutes and I was slightly winded.  After 2 more minutes I was breathing heavy and starting to glisten.  Seven minutes into the dang video I was literally sweating more than I have in 10 years and by the 12 minute mark I was lying on the floor gasping for air!  Of course, Jillian doesn’t let you stop….she talks through the entire video telling you not to quit….don’t give up…..feel the burn.  Now, one thing Tamara isn’t, is a quitter, so I dragged my lazy butt up off the ground and kicked, punched, jumped and lunged until I was about to scream (and throw-up).  Let’s just say by the end of the workout  (you know the cool down period) all I could do was lay on the floor and watch Jillian and the 2 very fit girls with her on the video cool down.  I could not participate.  In fact, it was so bad Hannah came in the room and said, “mommy hair all wet, mommy cheeks pink, mommy okay?”  “Yeah, baby girl, mommy is fine, just on the verge of death, but I am good…..go back to play in your room.”  No joke here…..I literally crawled on my hands and knees to the kitchen to get my water because my legs felt like cooked spaghetti noodles trying to walk in jello!  Now, I think I did get dehydrated as it took me forever to be able to feel like I wasn’t going to throw up and then I got an awful headache which actually put me in the bed about 2 hours earlier than usual.  It was awful…..I woke up this morning feeling places where muscles were that I didn’t know existed.  I have never hurt this bad after working out. Obviously, Jillian knows what she is doing and even though I hurt, burn, ache and can’t move……I think I will do it all again!  Yep, I am coming back for more.  As AWFUL as it was, I can’t quit now.  I figure she didn’t kill me yesterday, so I will try again.  Thinking I will stick with Level 1 for a while though……

If you want to get a good workout, I highly recommend this….well, that is if death by Jillian doesn’t scare you!  HA!


Until next time………

Our Guardian Angel

I was raised to believe that we all have a Heavenly Guardian Angel and to this day I still believe that because I have personally kept mine very busy through the years!  HA!  But, in our case, we have an earthly guardian angel in the form of our Pediatrician.  If you have read my blog for even a short time you know that I have mentioned Dr. Kim a lot; mainly because for the last 10 years she has walked this journey with us.  She has ridden this roller coaster ride and has been by my side through it all.  She has encouraged us, prayed with and for us, spent hours researching Hannah’s issues and has never once made me feel that she wasn’t available to me.  I really could have worn out my welcome several years ago (and especially this past 2 years) but she has been there….through the good times and bad.  She has listened to me cry, seen me scared, heard my heartache and my frustration and has been not only Hannah’s biggest advocate and her doctor, but also my friend.

This past 10 years has been hard with Hannah’s health issues but Dr. Kim has never given up on us.  After having several doctors the last 2 years pretty much throw the towel in on Hannah, Dr. Kim never has and in fact, I think knowing how complex Hannah is, has given her even more desire and passion to help us.  Hannah isn’t her only patient, yet at times, she treats us like she is.  Dr. Kim has many patients, a husband, children, many friends and obligations to so MANY people but she has never once made me feel alone in this.  She has willingly walked this journey with us when I know she could have quit so many times.

She has called or texted to check on Hannah (especially when she hasn’t heard from me in a while).  HA!  In fact, not too many weeks ago I was in the process of texting her and before I hit send she had texted me not knowing that Hannah wasn’t doing well.  I told her I was in the  middle of texting her and how badly Hannah was doing and her response to me was “well the Holy Spirit knew.”  She was heading out-of-town on a long trip and was touching base with me prior.  It was a good thing too, as we were able to get Hannah what she needed and put me in touch with Dr. S. (another doctor in the practice) who was in constant contact with me while Dr. Kim was gone.

I sit here today after an appointment with Hannah’s Hematologist on Monday in awe of the few doctors that have walked this journey with us and continue to with complete resolve to never give up on us!  Without these handful of doctors, especially Dr. Kim, I don’t know where I would be or where Hannah would be.  To have a doctor like Dr. Kim is a gift and one I don’t take for granted.  She is smart, full of wisdom, grace and love for her patients and their families.  I would be so lost without her.  Our Guardian Angel, who I know God gave to us 10 years ago knowing full well that she would help us get through anything medically that life threw at Hannah.  She is truly sent from God and I stand in amazement at her servant’s heart and the love, care and concern that she has for SO many people……it takes a special person to be a GREAT doctor and I truly feel as if we have the very best!

I don’t know if she will see or read this but I do hope she knows just how loved and appreciated she is…….

Hannah and Dr. Kim......our Angel sent by God!

Hannah and Dr. Kim……our Angel sent by God!  This picture was actually taken when Hannah was  just getting sick and we had no clue what was wrong.

Until next time………

You Have My Heart

No one adored my Hannah like Grandpa did!  He looked at her with eyes of pure love and admiration; always the way he looked at me and how I always looked at him.

This man right here, he had and always will have my heart…..he was truly the sweetest, kindest, happiest, most joyful, most loving, most giving and most loyal man God ever created.  No one compared or will ever compare to my Grandpa in my eyes.  He loved everyone, never said a mean or unkind word about anyone and always had a smile on his face and a song in his heart (and he sang those songs all the time).

Today is 5 years since he left this world and met Jesus face-to-face.  He left behind his family whom he loved so dearly and not a day goes by that he isn’t missed greatly.  I have had losses in my life, but losing him was like losing a part of my heart.  Life hasn’t been the same since he has been gone and never will be again.

I  miss you Grandpa more than any words that I can find to type…….you were not only my Grandpa, you were my friend, my prayer warrior and my encourager!  No one compares……you will always have my heart!  I love you!

Until next time……..

Not Published, My Brother the Babysitter and Hannah Update

Okay, let’s see if I can keep this short….HA!

So, this morning I was on a rant…..I sat here at the computer and typed a very long blog post and now I have decided against publishing it on the blog, for now.  I do that a lot!  I write and get it all out and then never hit the “publish” button!  Sometimes, it is for the best because most of those blog posts are truly rants about all sorts of issues.  The one I wrote this morning I will most likely publish maybe later this week but today it didn’t seem appropriate (maybe because it is Sunday).  Nothing wrong the post just very much a rant and I decided to post something more light today instead!

Yesterday afternoon Dennis was invited to a friend’s retirement party.  Clem retired from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and had been a co-worker of Dennis’ in Robbery for years.  So, I asked my brother and sister-in-law if they would babysit Hannah for us so we could go.  They willingly gave up their Saturday evening to come over and keep Hannah for us.  They are in a good place in their life….they got married young, had kids young and now their daughter Meagan is away at college and their son Hunter is 16 and self-sufficient, so they have some freedom but chose to give up that freedom to do something fun last night and instead came over to babysit Hannah.  I guess I should rephrase that…..Sharon came to babysit and Tracy came over to harass me and rearrange my home!

You see, I am extremely OCD.  Everything has its place and my dear brother knows that.  So in good brotherly fashion, he tries his best to “mess up” my home and kick my OCD into overdrive.  Even at 11:30 last night I was still finding things that he got into.  Yes, he needed the babysitter, not Hannah!  Last time, a few months ago I came home to my kitchen drawers having been switched.

I took this picture after I started putting the things back where they belong.  He swapped it all!

I took this picture after I started putting the things back where they belong. He swapped it all!

Last night, he took things a step further and I am pretty confident that there are still some things I haven’t found yet.  Here are some of the notes he left me and some of the artwork:

Found on the eggs in the fridge....how to make eggs!

Found on the eggs in the fridge….how to make eggs!


Found how to make cereal on the cereal box.....

Found how to make cereal on the cereal box…..


How to make Crystal Light

How to make Crystal Light


How to make a grilled cheese sandwich on the bread......

How to make a grilled cheese sandwich on the bread……


Hannah talks all the time about making "Spaghetti, Oatmeal, Birthday cake," obviously all her favorite foods that she wants made together.  So, my dear brother gave me the recipe for Spaghetti Oatmeal Birthday Cake.....God bless him!

Hannah talks all the time about making “Spaghetti, Oatmeal, Birthday cake,” obviously all her favorite foods that she wants made together. So, my dear brother gave me the recipe for Spaghetti Oatmeal Birthday Cake…..God bless him!


His beautiful artwork.....he drew my face.....I cropped the picture because Dennis doesn't want his picture on the blog....Dennis left his face alone though!

His beautiful artwork…..he drew my face…..I cropped the picture because Dennis doesn’t want his picture on the blog….Dennis left his face alone though!

Again, I am sure I am still going to find some things that he either misplaced, rearranged or find notes and artwork he left!  He did also rearrange the pictures on my refrigerator and put my paper towels and dish soap on the opposite side of the sink but I “un-did” all of that before taking pictures.  He truly gets this behavior honestly as I have an Uncle who used to do these same type things to my mom.  It was truly hysterical and would drive my mom batty.  It would be weeks later after my Uncle had been to her house and she was still finding things he had “messed up.”  So, Tracy somehow received that “family gene,” and honestly I am still cracking up as I cuss him out under my breath every time I find something “new” that he did!  I love my brother…..he keeps life fun but for paybacks….here is a picture of he and Hannah from last night:

Hannah LOVES her "Unc."

Hannah LOVES her “Unc.”

Now, update on Hannah…..she has been doing wonderfully since her last IVIG infusion.  She has been happy with no sadness, no anger and no rage.  Her energy level still isn’t great and she hates leaving the house.  Her anxiety is still pretty bad and her OCD is still extreme; but I can deal with those 2 things.  Anything is better than the rage and aggression.  Her facial and motor tics are a little better; still there but I have noticed them subsiding some.  She actually slept through the night for almost a week.  Last night was the first time she didn’t and was up 3 times between midnight and 5 am.  But, hopefully it was a fluke and she will sleep tonight!  The bad news is Dr. W., our Neurologist has decided to give Hannah a break from IVIG.  He said we need to watch and wait to see how she does for a while before ordering more infusions.  He never really explained why but for some reason he wants to see if we have lasting results from the 6 infusions she has had.  It makes me nervous because I don’t want to see her regress but he is the doctor and I do trust him.  So, we will not be having IVIG in September, which, to tell the truth is relieving to me as I don’t have to pack and go out-of-town for the first time in 6 months so I am happy about that.  The other bad news though is insurance had only approved IVIG through September, so if she needs an infusion in October it might not happen due to having to possibly fight for more.  But, that is not for me to worry about right now…..God will take care of it, that I know!

Please keep praying for Hannah to have a perfect healing……please pray that this is the beginning of that and soon we will have her back completely whole and ready to resume life which consists of going back to school, church, the park, the zoo and maybe a fun vacation or two….Nashville is calling my name!

Until next time………

I Would Be Lying……

I would be lying if I told you that this time of the year doesn’t make me sad, because it most certainly does.  I see the posts on Facebook of all the kiddos going back to school and it breaks my heart for Hannah and frankly, for me too.  Hannah wants NOTHING more than to “go back to school and go back to church,” (her words) and I want that for her.  I also want it for me.  Those 2 1/2 years she was able to go to school gave me a 4-6 hour break each day, which I took for granted and miss so much.  It was during those times I was able to hit the gym, do my grocery and Target shopping and even on occasion enjoy a lunch out with Dennis or girlfriends.  It was the much-needed break each day to do housework, laundry and start preparing for dinner.  I miss those moments of “me” time and the quietness of the house.  Had I never had it, I wouldn’t miss it but I did and do!

You mom’s that homeschool have my admiration.  I wasn’t cut out for it and frankly had I not been forced into it, I never would have even considered it.  Homeschooling is not my calling nor my passion and let’s be honest here…..I failed miserably last year trying to homeschool Hannah.  We got the work done but only through many tears, many timeouts and many stabs in the legs, arms and hands with the pencil (me, not her).  If you recall, when Hannah got aggressive last school year it was pencil stabs that I received the most of.  It got to the point that I just stopped…..and we had a very long summer!  HA!

Now, I am not one of those Special Needs moms that has BIG dreams for her child.  I think it is great that some moms do and I don’t want to ever take away from the dreams of others.  But, for me…..my number one priority is Hannah’s health not her education.  I know she needs the education but her health is of the utmost importance.  Let’s just be honest…..she isn’t going to be a brain surgeon, lawyer or a teacher.  She might could be a politician as she is more honest and smarter than most of them and in my opinion, you don’t need an education to do that!  (Insert smiling and joking emoji here as I don’t want to offend anyone).  Oh crap, let’s just be honest….I really could give a horse’s hiney if I offend anyone…..people are too just plan sensitive nowadays and offending someone is bound to happen no matter what you do or say!  But, that is a soapbox for another day…..I digress…..truth is, when it comes to Hannah’s education I feel inadequate.  I don’t know how to “teach.”  We can do worksheets all.day.long but the actual “teaching” part is beyond my comprehension; and so I struggle.  I am extremely organized and last year’s lesson plans made me seriously want to shoot myself and don’t even ask me if I stuck to them, because….well…..I didn’t!

So, here we are at the beginning of the new school year and I haven’t done anything to prepare.  No curriculum, no plans, no school supplies and no…..well, motivation!  UGH!  Then, seeing all the cute kids dressed up and heading to school in all the pictures over the last week or so has made me downright sad!  Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all the pictures and I have said a prayer for each of the children whose pictures have come across my Facebook feed but I am sad for Hannah and sad for me anyway.  If I had the money, I would hire a full-time teacher….TRUTH!  Of course, if I had the money, I would hire a full-time chef, nanny, chauffeur and maid!  HA!  A girl can dream, can’t she?

How do I do this?  That is the question I am asking myself as I sit here knowing I need to order curriculum and get a plan together and yet…..I sit here staring at my blog instead.  Got to find that motivation…..it is in there somewhere….oh heck, no it isn’t because I don’t want to do this again!  (insert crying, screaming, temper-tantrum-throwing emoji).

Well, now that the temper tantrum has been thrown I do hope each and every one of my friends and family’s kids have a great school year and pray that they shine for Jesus to a world that is so dark, lost and evil.  Be a light in a dark world and remember like I do daily…..this world is not my home and one day NONE of the problems in this life will matter!

Some throwback school pictures in honor of school resuming……..

She loved school!

She loved school!

Hannah receiving an award 2 years ago from Mrs. Hazelip, the Director at her school!

Hannah receiving an award 2 years ago from Mrs. Hazelip, the Director at her school!

Visiting the Fire Station on a school field trip!

Visiting the Fire Station on a school field trip!

Hannah and "her Mason" holding hands watching a movie!

Hannah and “her Mason” holding hands watching a movie!

Hannah and her buddy Cole playing dress up at school!

Hannah and her buddy Cole playing dress up at school!

First day of school in August 2013, one month before Hannah got sick....Mason and Hannah!

First day of school in August 2013, one month before Hannah got sick….Mason and Hannah!

Until next time……….