Tired Of Fighting…..Hear Me ROAR

The last 9 1/2 years has been a constant fight.  Fighting for my child.  I was told while I was pregnant that I would spend the majority of my life fighting for things for Hannah that come naturally for the “typically-developed.”  I have fought battles that most parents don’t have to.  There is one battle that has been ongoing though.  For 9 1/2 freaking years…..the battle with insurance companies has raged many times.  I have letter after letter after letter over the years that say something that our doctor requested was DENIED.  Now, I don’t take denial as the end of the story and in all honesty; Hannah’s Pediatrician and I have fought many battles together and WON!  I have yet to lose a battle with an insurance company and I don’t plan on starting; but today I realized just how very tired I am of fighting and another battle has just begun…..

I haven’t won a battle with Blue Cross/Blue Shield yet, because I haven’t had to have one.  All the battles I have fought were with Aetna and to be honest I think this battle that has just begun will be the worst one yet.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield has started a war with me and as tired as I am…..I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

Found this picture and it reminded me of how Dennis and I feel......at least I have him fighting with me!

Found this picture and it reminded me of how Dennis and I feel……at least I have him fighting with me!

Our Neurologist in Tampa has said that High-dose IVIG is the one thing that might just put Hannah in remission and take this horrible autoimmune encephalitis away.  This disease is horrific.  I have watched my once happy, loving, energetic little girl become sad, angry, aggressive and lack any motivation to do anything.  I have watched her regress horribly in her gross and motor skills, in her potty habits, in her physical activity.  I have watched the joy and excitement over everything disappear.   I have watched her go from bubbly and energetic to reclusive and constantly tired.  So, the treatment that our doctors (Neurologist, PANDAS specialist and Pediatrician) all agree on is being denied by a group of men and/or women that think they know better than my child’s doctors do.  I know insurance companies have doctors on staff that review requests for coverage, but they are NOT Hannah’s doctors….they work for the insurance company and the insurance company doesn’t want to PAY!  Bottom line is the almighty dollar.  They care more about money than they do in covering a treatment for a child that has been suffering for the past 18 months!  Without this treatment Hannah has NO hope of getting better.

I don’t know that I have ever been this angry!  We pay HUGE premiums each month not to mention co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles!  All for what?  For getting something my child needs desperately but cannot get.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield has not dealt with me yet but they are fixing to.  I might be just a little-nobody but I am my daughter’s advocate and her only voice and they will listen to me and hear me ROAR…..I think Katy Perry did write that song for me!  I am not going to give up on my daughter getting a treatment that might very well heal her brain or at the very least provide her some relief from the inflammation that is keeping her from living the life she deserves to live!  In all honesty, I don’t know how much more her little body can handle.  There is so much going on in her body…..seizure activity, brain inflammation, no iron, daily fevers and low immune system to name a few.  We are having to pump her full of so many drugs just so she can exist….bandaids, no cure.  She is not “living” she is merely existing and that isn’t good enough….it is unfair and unacceptable when there is a treatment that could help.  I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure those making the decisions at Blue Cross know that I will not give up!  I will bug them, write letters, go to Insurance Commissioner, take to social media, go to the media…..whatever it takes to get our story out and tell of the injustices of the insurance company!  I will not quit….my daughter’s life depends on it!  Mark my words right here, right now……I WILL FIGHT with everything I have in me until the day I die for this special little girl who God entrusted to me.

Hannah is just an ID number to Blue Cross/Blue Shield but she is mine and her daddy’s hearts!  I know Blue Cross doesn’t have a vested interest in Hannah but by the time I am through with them they will know who Hannah is and that their denial of HD IVIG is unacceptable to this mama!

Word of warning Blue Cross/Blue Shield this mama lion is coming for you and you are going to hear me ROAR!


I know the picture is a “male” lion but you get the picture!


Until next time…….


5 thoughts on “Tired Of Fighting…..Hear Me ROAR

  1. Pat Stapp says:

    Fight baby fight, you can do it. Good will come from it and God WILL be glorified!!! Love you!!!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. jill bock says:

    You Go Girl!!!

  3. clen@comcast.net says:

    You go, Girl! If it were my loved one (which would be my only-Len), I would fight until the day that I died. I don’t blame you at all. Do get JSO insurance dept. involved and CYA with all of the documentation that you can procure.

  4. KayB says:

    Praying you get the treatment plan approved. Another idea-does the drug company have a “charity” program? SO many drug companies give the drugs to approved patients either free or very reduced price for those that need it and can’t afford it. Praying for you!

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