Forever Friends, Superbowl Nonsense and Insomnia (AGAIN)

I wanted to write this blog yesterday but never had a chance to do it.  Hannah had a Cardiology appointment and among other things, I just didn’t have the chance to even sit at the computer yesterday until about 8pm and I was too tired at that point.

I am so thankful for special friendships.  I have dear friends who I have known my whole life and friends that I have met in more recent years and I am so very grateful for each one.  I have two friends that I have known my entire life practically, at least 40 years, and they are so dear to me.  There used to be 4 of us and if you have read my blog for any length of time you know that one of our “group” is in Heaven with Jesus.  The four of us (Angie,  Misti, Whitney and I) had a special bond from childhood all the way up until now.  Misti, Whitney and I were able to spend some of Angie’s last moments on earth with her and that is a memory none of us will ever forget.  We surrounded our dear friend, held her hands, hugged and kissed her and had the rare opportunity to say “see you soon” instead of goodbye.  Not many friends are given that opportunity to be there and say all those words that I think we want to say throughout a friendship but never do.  I am so grateful to all of Angie’s family that allowed us that time with her, even though they wanted to not leave her side for one minute.  But, their selflessness allowed us time with our forever friend; and we are all grateful for that.

Since Angie’s passing I think Misti, Whitney and I have gotten even closer.  They are never far from my thoughts and I pray for them and their families daily.  We each are walking different journeys but I know we all are just a phone call, text or FB message away.  They are extremely busy.  They both have large families (Misti has 3 children and Whitney has 5 children), they both homeschool, are involved in their churches, run their homes like you would not believe.  They are both extremely organized and I stand in awe at all they accomplish on a daily basis when some days I don’t even get out of my pajamas!  No matter how busy they are though, they sensed a need in my life.  They knew the burden I was carrying and the hurt I was feeling and they dropped everything to minister to me Saturday night.  They waited until I got Hannah to bed and then came over with cheesecake and gifts and spent time with me.  Allowing me to cry, speak openly and honestly; without judgement, listen to my broken words and heart and just love on me.  We shared what was going on and we laughed a lot (mostly at Misti), but those stories are for us only.  We have a friendship that is so rare and I am so grateful to have these 2 girls in my life.  I know anytime we are together we feel Angie.  We miss her greatly but we know she would want us to be there for each other until we can all be together again in Heaven.  I know Angie was smiling down and was with us in Spirit.  So thankful for forever friends…..a friendship that time, distance or busy lives can never separate!

Me, Angie, Whitney and Misti

Me, Angie, Whitney and Misti

Now…..on to my view of the Super Bowl.  It is NO secret that I despise football.  I think it is stupid.  A bunch of grown men chasing, running and throwing a ball down a field and in the NFL, they make an insane amount of money to do it.  Makes absolutely no sense to me.  I know I am mostly alone in my feelings, but they are my feelings and I have the right to them.  I did not watch the Super Bowl.  I had better things to do like catch up on General Hospital that I had saved on my DVR.  I did, however, record it so Hannah could watch Katy Perry do the halftime show.  For the record, we love Katy Perry, especially Hannah and I think she did a great job and we enjoyed watching that yesterday while we ate dinner.  One of my favorite shows is the Blacklist and it was coming on right after the Super Bowl.  I wasn’t going to stay up to watch it but I wanted to make sure the DVR came on to record it.  So, I had to sit there at the end of the game and watch.  I saw that Seattle had the ball and the great catch that the player made way down the field and I thought to myself  “wow, Seattle is going to win.”  Then, I saw the interception that the Patriots made and I was shocked.  I didn’t care who won the dang game but that was pretty impressive.  THEN…..I saw the fight break out.  A bunch of grown men who chase a ball for a living acting like 3 year olds on a playground not playing nice.  Where was the sportsmanship?  These are the men that young kids are looking up to?  It was ridiculous!  I was sitting there with my jaw dropped thinking that both teams should have been disqualified and the award given to the Dallas Cowboys!  I say Dallas because if I had a team it would be them because of Emmitt Smith, Deon Sanders and Troy Aikman….yes, in the 90’s I did enjoy football for a few years!  I digress……I think it was really ridiculous that these men behaved like a bunch of toddlers!  Now, I know there was too much testosterone and adrenaline on that field but for Pete’s sake…..grow up and act like men!  What seriously cracked me up afterwards was Tom Brady receiving the MVP Award and they gave him a Chevy Colorado truck.  His face said it all.  Here is a man who probably makes $40 million a year and he is married to the highest paid model in the world.  She probably makes more than him and they give him a Chevy truck?  It was probably an insult…..I would be surprised if he even would drive a Chevy.  He looks more like the Range Rover or Mercedes type guy to me.  The look on his face was priceless!  HA!  That stupid game couldn’t get over soon enough for me!  When it finally did I was able to make sure the DVR started recording on time for the Blacklist and go to bed.  If you have never seen the Blacklist, you should…..BEST SHOW on TV!


This isn’t the fight picture, couldn’t find one…..I just don’t see the infatuation with football!



Best show! I can’t watch it until Dennis gets home though and it is driving me crazy! This is one Dennis will actually watch with me!

Hannah has insomnia again.  Thanks to the steroids.  We doubled her dose of steroids and it has truly helped the rage and aggression but on the flip side, it gives her insomnia.  Last night she slept from 7:30pm-11:30pm and was then up until 6am when she FINALLY fell back to sleep.  Now, even though the steroids are working, the lack of sleep will be the thing that does her in!  So, prayers appreciated that our doctors can figure out something that will work without insomnia being an issue.  Hannah needs her sleep and frankly SO DO I!

Until next time………

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