Unfulfilled Dreams

Are there dreams and goals that you had all of your life that you either never pursued or they just never became reality?  There are several for me……

Christmas Day after my parents and husband left my brother’s house to go to the Christmas Eve service at church my brother, sister-in-law, niece and I sat around their dining room table talking about the things that young people have today that we didn’t have years ago.  The things that are readily available to kids now weren’t for us growing up.  My parents were not rolling in money, heck….we lived very frugally and money was tight.  Many of my dreams weren’t fulfilled either due to money issues or the fear of failure on my part.  Talking with them on Christmas Day it really hit me that NONE of the things I wanted to be or do growing up have come to fruition.  It made me kind-of sad.  Don’t get me wrong….I know I am where I am supposed to be and this is the life that God chose for me (after making many choices myself along the way), but the truth is…..it wasn’t what I had planned.

After thinking about it more I realize some of those dreams and the chances of them becoming reality have come and gone.  Can you imagine me enrolling in the police academy now and trying to keep up with the 20-year olds!  HA!  That would be a joke!  Can you imagine me being a therapist when in all reality, I am probably the one that needs the therapy?!  Some of my dreams would take furthering my education and trust me….that ship has sailed!  This chic ain’t going back to school…..I would have to go back and take 3rd grade math to even think about passing college classes!  HA!  The fact is, some of the things I dreamed of way-back-then just can’t happen.

BUT……there are 2 dreams that can happen and I have decided that the only way to fulfill those dreams is to try.  I might fail…..I might fall flat on my face……I might be really bad at it, but I won’t know until I try.  So, 2015 is going to be the year that I take a HUGE leap of faith and focus on fulfilling 2 dreams.  One dream of which I won’t discuss until it is completed because if I am going to fail at it, at least only Dennis and I will know about it and the other dream I will discuss as soon as I can.  Both of these dreams can not only help me have the fulfillment I so desperately want but also help Dennis, Hannah and I financially for the future.  So, here I am taking a gigantic leap of faith into the unknown relying on sheer will and determination and of course, the Lord!  Fact is, without Him I would fail before I even get started!

2014 has been an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT year for us.  I haven’t lied about that.  In fact, it has probably been more difficult than I have let on at times.  2014 tested our faith, our marriage, our sanity….frankly, every aspect of our life!  We are praying 2015 is better…..full of success, joy, betterment, love, PEACE and fulfilled dreams!

My prayer is for all of us who experienced a hellish 2014; that in 2015 we will all have a more Heavenly experience and if that means the Lord is going to come back for us all….that would be fine by me!

Happy New Year to you all……here is to taking unfulfilled dreams and making them a reality!  2015, I am coming for you ready or not!

My motto for 2015

My motto for 2015

Until next time……..

One thought on “Unfulfilled Dreams

  1. Robert and Gayvone Demers says:

    How true that is!!! I pray that 2015 is better for all of us!!!

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