I Love……

Hannah is a different child right now, in a VERY good and refreshing way!  Thanks to this new medication, we are seeing sides of her we haven’t seen since before March and it is such a relief for us at this time.  We were desperate for a “break” and a little peace from the horrific reality we were all 3 living.  Again, we know this peaceful period of time could be temporary, as this medication could stop being effective and she could regress again, but for now I am just enjoying every moment and being grateful for this time.

Hannah is “in love” with SO much right now.  She is verbalizing her love of people and things and so I thought I would share the things that she loves at this moment.  These are the things I hear all day long and in no certain order except the first few as those are the ones I  hear constantly:

  • I love Katy Perry
  • I love Carrie Underwood (she sings Jesus Take The Wheel constantly)
  • I love Jesus (sorry Lord,  you came in after Katy and Carrie)  oops!
  • I love Mommy
  • I love Dennis (yes, she still calls her daddy by his first name)
  • I love Dr. Kim (she thinks Kim is family)
  • I love iPad
  • I love singing
  • I love music
  • I love Christmas trees (she says this every time she walks by ours)
  • I love fruit (as she inhales the fruit salad her Maga Blankinchip made)
  • I love hospitals (yes, she really does….that is so sad to me)
  • I love dollhouses (she doesn’t have one so I think this is a hint)
  • I love babies (sorry Hannah….mama was fixed a long time ago and I am in Menopause, yay me!)
  • I love juice….apple, prune and pear
  • I love milk
  • I love yogurt
  • I love oatmeal
  • I love cookie balls
  • I love books
  • I love color (coloring)
  • I love school work
  • I love math
  • I love Ms. Coppedge (her teacher at her old school)
  • I love trees
  • I love cats
  • I love dogs
  • I love Henny
  • I love Marty and Caply (Marty and Cathy, Henny’s Puppy Raisers)
  • I love Boo
  • I love Mike
  • I love Boo/Mike house
  • I love Melanie
  • I love Mank (Frank, Melanie’s husband)
  • I love Cut-Cut (our hairdresser)
  • I love Unc
  • I love RaRa
  • I love May-May and Ha-Ha Hunter
  • I love Mimi
  • I love Boompa
  • I love Maga
  • I love Papa
  • I love Le-Le
  • I love Ben
  • I love Do-Do
  • I love Ed
  • I love hotels
  • I love puter (computer)
  • I love happy (being happy)
  • I love EVERYONE
  • I love you people

I could seriously go on and one but you get the drift…..she LOVES everything and that makes this mama really happy right now.  For so long nothing made her happy and nothing and no one could make her smile and now because of this new medication that has changed….she is happy, loving, communicative and funny!  Thank you Lord for this break and peace from the hell we were living!  I pray it continues.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas…..I got what I wanted…..a happy little girl!

My sweet, silly girl!

My sweet, silly girl!

Until next time……..


4 thoughts on “I Love……

  1. Jill Bock says:

    I love Hannah!!

  2. Leslie Clay says:

    This made me smile so big, especially the part that she calls Dennis by his first name. Also, who doesn’t like Maga’s fruit salad! I am so happy that this break has come for you!! Yay God!!

  3. Pat Stapp says:

    We love Hannah!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Teresita says:

    I am so happy for you, Hannah, Dennis and this wonderful new medication. Pray you will have a wonderful 2015!!!. I love you Hannah!!!

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