Because of Easter


I need to be honest here….I wasn’t going to do an Easter post; but I had to remind myself that it is because of Easter that I have HOPE.  It is because of Easter that I can weather any storm.  It is because of Easter that I won’t give up.  It is because of Easter that NO MATTER what life throws my way I will have hope, peace, grace, mercy and strength.  It is because of Easter that I find reason to believe that one day none of this life that we are living is going to matter because this world is NOT my home!


I made the mistake today of logging on to Facebook….BIG MISTAKE when you are walking in the valley!  Not that it is anyone’s fault as I am happy for friends and family that had the opportunity to enjoy today and celebrate what today means!  But, it did make me sad.  I looked at all the pictures of everyone dressed up in their Sunday best ready for church.  I saw pictures of kids hunting Easter eggs and the Easter baskets that really good mom’s did (I am a really bad mom as I didn’t do Hannah an Easter basket because I never got out of the house to get the things for it).  The Easter basket thing made me want to kick myself; but I really had no choice as Dennis worked nights last week and frankly getting out was not something I was really able to do until last night and that was for a late, quick dinner with friends from Atlanta and right back home.  But, as a mom…..well, I wanted to kick myself anyway.  So, yes… I was sad.

But, then God sent an angel our way in the form of my 2nd mom, Adrienne.  I claim Adrienne as my 2nd mom because frankly she has been through so much with me and there are things Adrienne knows about me that I am not even sure my husband does….LOL!  God laid it on Adrienne’s heart to bring us Easter dinner!  She brought all the Easter goodness…..ham, broccoli salad, limas, sweet potato casserole, squash casserole, deviled eggs (yuck, but Dennis and Hannah loved them), rolls, lemon cake and my favorite…..CHEESECAKE!  The best thing about this meal was she stayed and ate with us and didn’t rush off afterwards…..she stayed, talked to us, encouraged us, scolded me (ha), shared her wisdom, love, acceptance and support.  What a gift from God that she was and what a lift to both mine and Dennis’ spirits!  Adrienne KNOWS everything about us and the greatest gifts that God blessed her with is her non-judgemental spirit and her Godly wisdom.  Both of which I need in my life right now.  So, I am extremely grateful for what she did for us today.

After she left, it really got me thinking about today; what it means to me.  It isn’t about the Easter bunny (who I have always found to be creepy anyway).  It isn’t about the chocolate, although I like that part.  It isn’t about church, hunting eggs or being with family/friends.  It is about Jesus….the enormous sacrifice that He made on that Old Rugged Cross.  He suffered tremendously for me…..for you…..for anyone who will just believe.  He paid it all; the ultimate sacrifice; the ultimate gift of life everlasting.  My sins are forgiven because of the blood He shed, the excruciating pain He endured and the suffering He went through and DID NOT HAVE TO.  He did it because of His unconditional love for me…..his unconditional love for you and was willing to pay our debt in full.


How could I not write a blog post today?  How could I not acknowledge my Savior?  How could I not show my love for Him and how grateful I am for what He did for me on Calvary?  Because of Easter we can have HOPE that one day…….there will be no more sickness, no more sorrow, no more pain, no more death, tears or suffering.  Heaven for eternity all because of one perfect man’s death on Calvary and Resurrection on Easter!  Thank you Lord for paying my debt in full so I don’t have to!


Until next time…….


One thought on “Because of Easter

  1. Misty Green says:

    So sweet! Thankful for angels called Adrienne! Thankful for what that day really means…love you all!

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