Focusing On The Blessings

I think in the easy times being thankful for things comes rather easy.  I mean, when things are great in your life then there is nothing to keep you from seeing all your blessings clearly.  When things are difficult and the blessings in your life are “cloudy,” that is when you tend to have pity parties and think of all the things that aren’t right in your life; instead of focusing on all the blessings.

This has been an incredibly difficult week for Hannah, Dennis and me.  Hannah has been and continues to be so very sick.  She just can’t seem to shake this bronchitis.  We have all been deprived of sleep and my home is a petri dish of bacteria….and you know that doesn’t sit well for this germaphobe.  I found myself this week having one of those pity parties and BEGGING God to heal my child so that we could get on with life.  Life seriously comes to a halt when Hannah is sick, as I am sure it does for others who have sick children; but to be honest…..I feel at times that my life has been permanently “halted” for 8 years.  Let’s face it…..Hannah has nearly been sick as much as she has been well in her life.  I will say, it seems to have gotten better the last few years, but holy cow… is still too much, if you ask me.

Anyway, last night after Hannah went to bed, Dennis looked at me knowing that I was exhausted and needed to get out of the house and told me to go shopping!  WHAT?!?!?  Did he just say the “shopping” word to me?  You mean, like spend money and everything?!?!  Even….buy a new purse, (which he knew there was one I was just dying to have and the sale ended last night).  So, normally I would say no and stay home, but Hannah was asleep and I had drugged her up real good with “happy juice.”  “Happy Juice” is a dose of Benadryl and Motrin and it KNOCKS HER OUT.  So…..I went shopping!  For 2 hours I had me time and it was heavenly!  Don’t ask me how much I spent, Dennis still hasn’t and trust me he doesn’t want to know!

Anyway, I say all of that to say this…….as I was walking around the stores I thought about my blessings and the things I have to be thankful for.  I decided today to write those things down; mainly for me to refer back to when I need a helpful reminder of all God has given me.  So, here it goes:

1.  Thankful for Jesus……the sacrifice He made on Calvary so that one day I will get to live with Him forever in Heaven!  Thankful for Him paying the ultimate sacrifice for a sinner such as me!  Thankful that one day I will be in Heaven where there is NO more sickness, pain, sorrow, fear, tears, anxiety, worry….well you get the picture…..nothing but perfection, worshiping my Lord for all of eternity.

2.  Thankful for a husband that works SO VERY hard outside the home so I don’t have to.  I am very blessed to be able to be a stay-at-home mom and that is something I never want to take for granted. Nowadays that is truly a gift; one that I am so blessed to have.

3.  Thankful for a mom that taught me at a young age how to cook so that I can plan and prepare good and healthy meals for my family.  I was not happy about learning all those years ago, but I am so glad now that she took the time to help me learn.  She also taught me how to budget, how to shop for sales and how to be a submissive, loving and sacrificial wife and mom.  Her example and God’s grace are the only 2 reasons that I am the wife to Dennis and the mom to Hannah that I am.  I truly wouldn’t be able to do this if it weren’t for the Lord and my mom setting the bar high.

4.  Thankful for a dad that is like no other!  When I am down, he makes me laugh.  He taught me how to shoot a gun when I was just a wee-little tot and because of that I dare someone to mess with me or my family!  He taught me how a man is supposed to treat his wife (yeah, I didn’t pay much attention the first go-around, but I think I got it right the 2nd time).  He taught me how to negotiate and get a deal on just about anything, especially cars, guns and T.V.’s!  He taught me that there is NOTHING in life that God won’t see you through.  Sometimes it seems like the mountain is too high, but God gives you what you need to get over it…..sometimes just barely though!

5.  Thankful for a brother and sister-in-law that are ALWAYS there.  They always come through for us, no matter what and I know no matter what happens they will always be there to support, encourage and love!  On a side note too, my brother teased me so much growing up that  I really have to credit him for “toughening me up” and getting me to the point in my life that I just don’t care what others think or say about me.  Now with that said…..I do care what others say about my kid and husband though!

6.  Thankful for in-laws who raised a wonderful son so that he would be the husband and father that he is today.  Thankful for his sisters and their families…..being the “baby” raised around all women gave Dennis his “emotional” side and the tender-heart that he has (even though he doesn’t want anyone to know he has it).  Honestly, Dennis is more tender-hearted than I am…..I credit his sisters for that one! He didn’t have a choice but to learn how to be sweet and sensitive!

7.  I am thankful for a home to live in.  I am thankful for cars to drive and a garage to park them in.  I am thankful that I don’t have to worry about where our next meal is coming from or if we will be able to make it paycheck to paycheck to survive.

8.  I am thankful for friends……old and new.  I am thankful for memories, especially those growing up with those lifelong friends that I still have today.  I am more thankful for those memories since losing my friend Angie.  I have such wonderful growing up memories that no one can take away from me.

9.  I am thankful for those people in my life (they know who they are) that are there at a moment’s notice!  Those few that I can call and/or text with a need, a concern, a happy time or sad time.  Those that are there regardless of the day or time.

10.  I am thankful for Hannah’s school, the teachers, the staff, the kids and the parents!  I truly don’t know where we would be without any of them!  I am so grateful for the way they ALL love and care about Hannah, Dennis and me!  The parents at Hananh’s school ROCK!  They are some of the sweetest, most caring people I have EVER met!  They TRULY understand and support each other!  So blessed to call them friends!

11.  I am thankful for Canine Companions for Independence and our sweet Henny!  I told Dennis just this morning what a perfect dog she is!  Instead of barking and wanting out of her kennel at 6:00 this morning, which she could have done.  She stayed there quietly until Dennis let her out at 8:00 (2 hours past the normal time).  I know it might seem silly to be “thankful” for a dog, but for all she has done for Hannah; I owe Henny and her puppy raisers quite a lot!

12.  I am just THANKFUL…..yes, even thankful for a sick child……it is exhausting and at times seems so unfair (to her and to me) but I will say this…….I would rather have Hannah sick than not at all.  This comment brings tears to my eyes, because I NEVER want to come across as ungrateful for Hannah and her sweet little life!  I want to ALWAYS be joyful because God chose me for her!  I want to never take one single day (even the sickest of those days) for granted because one day I might not have her. NONE of us are guaranteed tomorrow with our children……those of us especially that have children with major health issues (Hannah’s heart).  I have friends that have lost children and I would NEVER want to trade “my pain” for their’s!  I don’t think my friends Trayc and Yvette would mind if I said their name; but they are just one of several that have lost a sweet baby.  That sweet baby Tristan lived 56 days and I have heard Yvette say more than once that she would do anything to have Tristan back, even with special needs and being sick.  Tristan had Trisomy 18 and is now in the arms of Jesus…..but I know my sweet friends would do anything if they could hold him one more time.

So, you see……I am trying to focus on my many blessings.  I am trying not to let “life” get me down.  I am taking the good and the bad and trying to make lemonade out of the lemons.  This life is not always good…..heck, in fact sometimes it just sucks; but I love that song from Carrie Underwood…..Temporary Home!  This world is just that… is my Temporary Home, this is not where I belong.  So everything that we go through in this life is temporary…..what truly matters is what we do for eternity!  I, for one, want to be thankful and focus on my blessings and not worry about what this life throws at me.  I just want to live in the moment……good or bad and know that my blessings far outweigh my difficulties!

Until next time…………..


Rules: Healthy Vs. Sick

Okay, I will admit…..I am one of those moms that has a different set of rules depending on whether you are healthy or sick.  I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing; but after 8 years of using the “sick rules” way too often, I am of the opinion that you do what you have to do to make the “sick patient” happy and comfortable……hence the rules!

A few of our Healthy Rules:

TV viewing:  Only in the mornings before breakfast.  After breakfast Hannah can put puzzles together, read books or play until we leave for school.  Same thing on the weekends except maybe a TV show before or after lunch depending on behavior so far that day.

iPad:  Only if we are WELL BEHAVED ALL.DAY.LONG and only for an hour

Bedtime: 6:15pm SHARP….no if’s, and’s or but’s!

Music videos with daddy:  Only if Hannah gets an “A” or “B” day at school, no exceptions!  On weekends, we use the same “A” or “B” day philosophy…..she has to earn video privileges with good behavior.

Dinner:  We always have a “happy plate,” which is a clean plate, if she wants dessert, which is either one cookie ball or if she has an “A” day, some chocolate ice cream!

NOW…….to be honest all of the above rules pretty much get “kicked to the curb” when Hannah is sick.

A few of our Sick Rules:

TV viewing:  Anytime you want

iPad: Anytime you want, anywhere you want and for as long as you want

Bedtime: Doesn’t matter because you are not going to sleep anyway

Music videos with daddy: Okay

Dinner: You want cookies and ice cream, that is fine……at least it is food, because you aren’t going to eat otherwise

You see, I just wanted my readers to know that I am “that” mom!  I am the mom that makes things as easy as possible when Hannah is sick.  Because during these times…..making her happy is ALL.THAT.MATTERS!  You see, on a serious note…..Hannah knows she is sick, knows that she needs to go to the doctor and needs medicine.  What she cannot cognitively reason is why she is sick, how she got that way and when it will be over.  So, I am the mom that makes it as easy as possible.  We stay home, we stay indoors and we play, read, watch TV, get on the iPad/computer and we GET ALL BETTER happily!  Don’t get me wrong, Hannah still has to “obey, behave and listen with her ears” or there will be consequences…..just not as harsh!  I still run a tight-ship but I really prefer a “happy ship” during the rough seas.  This has been one of those “rough seas” week!  Keeping it as easy and happy as possible is just what this “doctor” ordered!

Get better hugs!

Get better hugs!

Until next time………..

Kitty Litter Cake and Our Week

On Monday, I made a special delivery to the Homicide Division at the Police Station to deliver a special cake to a special Sergeant.  Dennis’ Sergeant, Steve left Robbery (which we are VERY sad about) and moved over to Homicide.  Let me just interject here for a minute.  Steve is an incredibly humble individual….he would never tell anyone all that he has done for us on his own free will.  He has been Dennis’ Sergeant and OUR friend for over 7 years.  He is a man of integrity, honor, strength, character and FAMILY!  He has always told Dennis that family comes first.  He has always been there for us in everything we have been through with Hannah.  Most people don’t know this, but Steve took personal leave and drove to Birmingham last August, the night before Hannah’s 3rd open-heart surgery to be there for us.  Then, when he knew she was going to be okay…..he drove the 8 hours back home.  There are not many people who would or could do that!  I know people wanted to be with us; but that was a sacrifice that we didn’t want anyone to make; but he did, without us knowing.  I will be honest…..I wish I had a picture of him and Dennis when Steve walked into the waiting room right after we had handed Hannah off to the Surgery team……let me just say, there was not a dry eye in the waiting room.

All of that to say, Dennis and I have both been very sad with this “change.”  I am NOT good with change especially when it means losing Steve as Dennis’ Sergeant.  Steve is that guy that always checks on Hannah and me when Dennis is out-of-town.  I know that if I ever needed him or his family, all I would have to do is pick up the phone.  He has been a wonderful boss to Dennis and a wonderful friend to us.  The friendship won’t stop but we still feel a loss.

Honestly, when I found out the change was going to take place…..I told Dennis “this is crap.”  I was SO mad…..not at Steve but at the whole situation.  Read yesterday’s blog for more information….but if the Sheriff hadn’t done what he did last week, there would have been NO openings in Homicide for a new Sergeant, thus Steve would still be in Robbery……okay, I will digress…….anyway…..I told Dennis that I had to bake a cake for Steve and the only cake that “fit” the occasion; was a kitty litter cake……it was a stinky crappy situation and this was just the cake to express that:


I have a picture of Steve with the cake, but I promised not to put his face on my blog…..he is just like Dennis….doesn’t want his picture in cyberspace!  Anyway, the cake looked nasty, but he said it was yummy.  Just for the record…..the “poop” is really Tootsie rolls made to look like poop……I promise every bit of the cake was edible!  It was fun to make and it truly represented my sentiments about this recent change!

Hannah went to school on Monday but when I picked her up Monday afternoon the coughing, congestion and fever started, so needless to say……we have been home!  Fortunately, for the most part even when Hannah is sick, she is happy unless the fever spikes and she will get disoriented and very agitated.  I have kept Tylenol and Motrin going around the clock to avoid the high fevers!  She has had a few fevers get up to the 102 degree mark and we hop in a tepid bath and get more medications going.  But, other than the fevers and the snot…..she has been content and happy to play.  Here are a few pictures of our week:

Running fever, but still smiling!

Running fever, but still smiling!

Our TV show of choice!

Our TV show of choice!  Gotta love Doc McStuffins!

Doctoring Stuffy and Lambie on my bed!

Doctoring Stuffy and Lambie on my bed!

When there is nothing to do, just bake a homemade fresh apple cake....YUM!

When there is nothing to do, just bake a homemade fresh apple cake….YUM!

Pretty girl.....can't leave her out!  She has been on Hannah duty!

Pretty girl…..can’t leave her out! She has been on Hannah duty!

That has been our week so far.  Hannah is still real congested and has run fever all day today, so tomorrow will be another day of the same!  But… I always try to do……I look for something to be thankful for and I am so thankful that I can just be home with Hannah when she is sick!  No agenda, don’t have to be somewhere, no appointments, no job…..just be present to cuddle, watch TV, read books and be a mom!  That is a blessing I don’t ever take for granted!

Until next time………

A Thankless, Yet Honorable Profession and Political Agendas Suck

There is so much on my heart lately about this subject.  Not because my husband is in this line of work, but because there is so much people don’t understand about the life of a police officer and their families.  I am not writing this to brag on my husband, my brother, or all of the other officers that we call friends/family.  But, I think it is an important subject so that every citizen that lives in Jacksonville or any other city in America can somewhat understand what it is that an officer does for you each day.

I can only speak from the perspective of a “wife of an officer.”  I am not a cop….I wanted to be one growing up but a dear friend talked me out of it when  I was 18 years old and in the process of applying to the academy.  He gave me a scenario that freaked me out and I look back on that now and know that Captain Peacock was protecting me from a life that I wasn’t prepared to handle.  Now, being married to a police officer, I know that it isn’t a job that I could have done…..the scenario he gave me was this: here I was standing at 5’3, 100 pounds (yes at 18, I was a stick)……and I would get called to a bar where a 400 pound drunk and very stinky man was causing trouble.  I would have to wrestle (or try to wrestle) this huge stinky man as he puked all over me.  I would most likely not be able to control the situation and I would break a nail or two (yes that would have been detrimental to me, ha) and I would have probably ended up in the hospital.  The thought of that and I am sure much prayer from my parents, kept me from pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Now, with that said….there are some INCREDIBLE female officers out there, many of which I call my friends.  They are some tough chics that can certainly handle themselves!  Dennis has said on more than one occasion that there are some female cops out there that he would rather have his back than some of the male ones……so, I am definitely not being sexists with this post because I have a high respect for any woman who takes on this job.

As a wife of one of Jacksonville’s finest, I am SO proud of my husband!  He is heading toward his 20 year mark as a police officer and he has done a great job.  He is honorable, dedicated, hardworking, full of integrity and character!  He has high morals and values and he is a team player!  He would die for anyone of his brothers or sisters in blue.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if he was called to back up any officer, he would do it with everything he had!  I know ALOT of officers like Dennis.  My brother is another one and many friends that they have the privilege of working with and for daily.  I pray for Dennis, Tracy and all of our officers daily.  I also pray for their families.  This is not an easy career choice.  The money does not match the service in which they are asked to do.  I don’t know many jobs other than police, military, firefighters and other forms of law enforcement that require that you put your life on the line each and everyday; yet those are some of the most underpaid people in America.

Just last week, Dennis was on nights and seriously saw Hannah maybe 2 hours total the ENTIRE week!  That is really hard on Hannah as she doesn’t understand.  She wants Dennis at home in the evenings and she would ask for him and I would tell her that “daddy is at work.”  Her response each time was, “daddy no work, daddy home now.”  It is hard on the officer’s wife.  I don’t worry typically, but there are times I feel unsettled and I will start praying for him.  I know God is holding Dennis in the palm of His hand; but there is always that “what if” I get that knock on the door…….there is always that little part of me that breathes a sigh of relief when he walks through the door……….last week that happened and I was so happy when he got home safely!

Police officers work long, difficult hours.  Alot of their job deals with the scum of the earth.  People who have NO respect for the law or those sworn to uphold it.  Kids nowadays are not taught to respect the police like I was growing up.  Heck, I remember the first time I got pulled over when I was 16…..I was shaking and the tears started flowing.  I had made an illegal u-turn and I knew I was at fault, but the sight of that officer made me tremble……I had never been so nervous or scared in my life!  Now, kids just smart-off and talk back……there is zero respect anymore.

All this to say, our officers deserve our respect.  I know that there will always be that “one bad apple,” sometimes two….but I can honestly say……I know ALOT of our officers here in Jacksonville.  They are honorable, kind, caring men and women.  Most of them have families and sacrifice SO MUCH to do this job… protect and serve a city full of people that they don’t know!  I am proud of my friends and family for what they do!  Thank you for your service!

Police Angel

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has had a few “black eyes” lately…..just last week the Sheriff in all of his glory saw fit for his own political agenda to make alot of changes that were totally WRONG.  He punished people who did their jobs but he saw it beneficial to get those people out-of-the-way so that he could push forward with a political agenda.  He put people where he needed them to be to help “his boys” in the upcoming run and election for Sheriff.  It is all so sad because the moral of the police department goes down and the media gets a hold of it and makes it 100 times worse.  This just puts a black eye on the men and women that are doing their jobs; trying their best to keep the citizens safe.  These changes last week were WRONG on so many levels and good men, full of integrity and honor were made out to sound like they had not done their jobs properly, which is far from the truth.

Everything is so political nowadays…….leaders are only looking out for #1, themselves…..what benefits them instead of what is best for their people.  With everything in life….there is good and bad.  I just pray that the good wins out eventually.  I hope that this recent “black eye” for the department will be turned around for the good and that the good men that were black-balled will win in the end.  It is sad when leaders start out being what you think will be really good and they disappoint you along the way.  Just another reason to not set your eyes on any human-being, because disappointment will follow!

Set your eyes on the ONE that matters…..the only ONE that won’t disappoint you or make mistakes.  The ONLY ONE that has your best interest at heart and the ONE that I cling to…..that He will always protect my husband, brother, friends and all the men and women in law enforcement……JESUS!

What if Last Day

Until next time………..

A Mother’s Love

It truly wasn’t until I became a mom that I realized just how much my own mom must love me.  Having Hannah showed me a love that I knew nothing about.  Here I was given this little person to love, care for, support and be responsible for.  That was truly the first time I had ever experienced unconditional love; so sweet and pure except for the love that Christ has for us……the mother/daughter bond is truly special.

So, over the last 8 years it has been more real to me that if I love my daughter this much; just how much does my own mother love me?  I would go to any length to protect Hannah especially when I knew that someone was being mean to her, which I have done more than once.  I would defend her to anyone, especially if I knew she was being attacked without provocation and I would not hesitate to put someone in their place if and when the time comes that I need to; which I have already done and will continue to when I am needed.

It wasn’t until about a month or so ago at the age of 41 that I realized that no matter how old you get, your mother always has your back…….my mom just defended me and continues to with a member of her family.  Not only me, but my husband.  We have been lied about and gossiped about horribly by a family member over the past 3 months and I have seen my mom come out swinging!  For those that know my mom…..well, she is the sweetest person ever, hates confrontation and truly doesn’t want conflict.  But, wowzers…….the mama lion has come out in her and she is defending her cub and cub-in-law.  Without going into detail, even though my mom defending us hasn’t changed this person’s actions and she has not nor will she ever apologize and set it straight, all of that doesn’t matter to me because I wasn’t surprised by her lack of remorse.  It did show me though just how much my own mother loves me.  She completely stepped out of her comfort zone and stood up to the lying, gossiping and negativity for Dennis and me.  Here she is still protecting me, loving me and showing me that she is always in my corner!

Now, with that said, had Dennis and I done ANYTHING wrong I am sure mom would have supported us but she wouldn’t have gone to these extremes and I wouldn’t have blamed her for that.  She and dad both know that we were truly innocent in the matter and our good names were being destroyed.  There are some that won’t care and that is fine but I am so very grateful for a mom and dad that stand up for their kids.  I really hope and pray that I am the type of person that if I wronged someone and it was brought to my attention that I would feel remorse and ask forgiveness.  I don’t want to be the type of person that hurts others intentionally.  I do know I have hurt people in the past and people have hurt me; but I pray that through those times I have learned and that I am always ready and willing to ask forgiveness to those I have hurt.

We will never go through this life unhurt and we will, at some point hurt others; but I pray that I am never so hard-hearted and uncaring that I fail to ask forgiveness when I know I have caused so much pain.  I have learned some valuable lessons the last 3 months; but I have also experienced love so pure, so incredible…..through my own mother’s heartache and tears for this family member she has shown me again that there is nothing like a mother’s love when that love is completely pure, selfless, giving, honorable and wrapped up in the love of Jesus!  Thank you mom!  I love you!

Until next time……….

Hannah Lately

I thought it was time to document a few of the things Hannah has been saying and doing lately and I will warn you…..(Jerry Stapp) some of it, even though funny to me, might not be to others!  With that said, read at your own risk.  I am just documenting these things…..I am not the one who said or did them!

Hannah is still VERY obsessed with Henny’s “stinky breath and stinky hiney.”  And Hannah has to talk about it all the time and insists on daily “check-ups” for Henny……I do my best to keep her from lifting Henny’s tail to check the “stinky hiney.”  But, sometimes she is quicker than I am…..oh boy!

Today after school Hannah was sitting on the potty drinking prune juice and I asked her what happens to the prune juice after it goes in her tummy and her response was “pee-pee.”  Now, I realize I opened myself up for this but wasn’t thinking at the time……then, she looked at me and said, “corn poop mama.”  Yes, dear sometimes you have corn in your poop……oh my!  How many readers did I just lose on that one?!

She loves her school and everyone there.  She gets on a kick alot talking about a certain person and wanting to go to their house.  She will say their name and then say “house” as if to say she wants to go play at their house.  Normally, it is a kid in her class that she talks about.  This week it has been certain teachers.  She is obsessed with her computer teacher right now, Miss Foxwell.  She will say, “Foxwell house play NOW.”  I haven’t thought to tell Miss Foxwell this yet, but Hannah is just dying to go play at her house for some reason!  Probably has to do with computers since Hannah is obsessed with them…..maybe she thinks Miss Foxwell has alot of them or something!

As always, Hannah is completely obsessed with Doc McStuffins and one of the episodes was a Tea Party with Doc and her stuffed animals.  Hannah keeps asking me to have a tea party.  So, the other day I asked her who she would invite to her tea party and her response was, “Greg.”  Greg is one of our dearest friends and Hannah is in love with him!  I am pretty certain that if I called Mr. Greg he would actually come to a tea party.  Knowing Greg he would wear dress up clothes too…..I am certain he would do just about anything for Hannah and it helps that he had 2 girls of his own that are grown now!  Maybe I need to call Mr. Greg and invite him to a tea party!  I am picturing he and Dennis sitting around sipping tea with hats and parasol’s on……with their pinky’s out.  Might be rather funny!

Hannah loves my mom and dad’s cat, Simon.  Simon, does not return Hannah’s affection.  Hannah asked me a few minutes ago to go to “Mimi’s house, play Simon.”  As much as Mimi would love that, Simon would not be happy to see Hannah walk through his front door.  I told Hannah, “not today.”  Her response, “yes ma’am, today mama.”  Bossy little lady!

Every morning I give Hannah the same lecture on the way to school and she has to complete the sentences.  I will say….”obey, listen with your ears and” Hannah will say, “behave”.  Then I will say, “have waiting hands and” Hannah will say, “still feet.”  I will say, “keep your hands to” and Hannah will say “self.”  Then I will say, “make an A or B day” and usually Hannah will say “yes ma’am.”  Today she said “Nope, not today mama!”  Wowzers!  Then I said, “pray before you eat your lunch” and she said “no pray, eat first.”  Oh, Lord, help me!  Then I said “mama loves you very, very, very, very, very much” and she said……ready for this…….”Hannah loves Dennis.”  Geez…..can’t win for losing and she used her daddy’s first name!  HA!

She has gotten into the habit on the way to school telling me what she wants to eat for dinner.  Today she told me she wanted, “mac cheese, brocolli, french fries, bread, prunes and 2 cookie balls.”  I informed her that was not on the menu for today to which she replied, “applesauce no prunes.”  Guess she thought if she changed one thing, it would be doable.  She is going to be disappointed because she is getting a sweet potato instead of mac-in-cheese and NO french fries!

Well, I guess that is all for now.  Her speech is really getting better and she is growing into this little person that is quite independent and really funny.  I find myself thinking alot about how much she and I are probably going to really butt heads the older she gets!  She is rather bossy already and boy-howdy does she have her opinions about things, much like I do, if you haven’t noticed!

My silly girl!

My silly girl!


Until next time………..


The Songs of “Nashbille” (Nashville)

I am certainly not musically inclined.  I CANNOT sing a note and I CANNOT carry a tune in a bucket!  I truly think that I am tone-deaf, just like my dad!  Gotta love where we inherit our gifts or lack thereof in this case.  Anyway, I WISH I could sing, I WISH I could carry a tune….more than anything, I WISH it was a gift that God gave me!  But, alas, it isn’t!

As I have mentioned many times, Hannah LOVES music; all kinds of music!  Lately, she has been wanting to listen to the new CD I bought while we were in Nashville.  It is actually the soundtrack from the TV show “Nashville” which by the way is one of my favorite TV shows and I cannot wait for the Season 2 Premier next Wednesday, but I digress!  Well, everyday we get in the car for school and she gets to pick the CD we listen to because my impatient child will NOT listen to the radio because of the commercials and too much talking.  Lately, she has been wanting “Nashbille” to play.  So, we jam to the soundtrack of Nashville on the way to school.  I decided to download the album to her iPad and SHE.LOVES.IT.  All she plays on that iPad right now is that soundtrack……over and over and over and over AGAIN!  (Glad I like it too or it would have driven me to the looney-bin by now)!

She was playing it a few minutes ago and I walked in her room and started singing and dancing……which just for the record I can’t dance either, but again, I digress……she looked at me and said……”mama, sit…..shhhhhh…..Nashbille songs……shhhhhhhh”  Guess, I was ruining her listening pleasure!

So, if you happen to have never heard the soundtrack for Nashville…..come on over and you can hear it 24/7 at our house!

Until next time………….