Devastating News

June 7th started out like any other day.  My alarm clock (aka Hannah) woke me up at 5:45am, have to love an early riser!  HA!  Coffee in my hand and milk in hers we sat down to watch the morning news with Dennis.  Not too long after we sat down Dennis and I both noticed that Hannah wasn’t quite herself.  She wasn’t near as talkative and she kept laying her head on the arm of the sofa.  It was the last day of school for the year and we were so excited about the end of the year “Graduation Event” for the whole school and the parents that night.  I immediately thought, I really hope Hannah isn’t getting sick as she was receiving an award that night and we wanted to see our little girl walk across that stage and receive her award for all her hard work.  I also didn’t want her to miss her last day of school to tell her friends goodbye for the summer.

I made her breakfast, Dennis left for work and Hannah sat at the table, but kept laying her head back on the chair.  I felt her head, and she didn’t feel warm and I thought there is no way she can be tired…..she sleeps 12+ hours straight every night.  I walked back in the kitchen and something prompted me to go back to the Dining Room.  As soon as I did, I took one look at Hannah and I knew what was fixing to happen…..she had another seizure.  We have had seizures for the last 3-4 years, but after 2 EEG’s and many visits to the Neurologist, a reason for the seizures just hasn’t been found and they don’t happen often.  I have experienced enough with her though, that you just kind-of know it is coming.

I immediately grabbed her before she fell out of the chair and held her in my arms as her eyes rolled behind her head and she convulsed.  Fortunately, the seizure was a short one, lasting 30-40 seconds.  When she came to, she was so scared, crying and lethargic right after.  Reality hit me at that moment and I realized she would be missing her last day of school and perhaps the Graduation Ceremony that night too.

As I held her, I texted her sweet doctor, Dr. Kim.  Let me just say how blessed we have been with Hannah’s doctors!  Her pediatrician, cardiologist, cardio-thoracic surgeon, endocrinologist, ENT, neurologist, neurosurgeon, optometrist, orthopedic and even dentist are phenomenal.  I thank the Lord for each of them daily!  Dr. Kim immediately called me and asked what happened.  She thought it best for me to bring her in.  So, instead of getting ready for school, we headed to the doctor!

We love Dr. Kim and Hannah tells her everything to do as if Dr. Kim doesn’t know what to do next!  HA!   It seriously won’t surprise me one day if Hannah is a doctor!  Dr. Kim thought it was best, since this was her 4th seizure in less than a year that we contact Neurology and also Dr. Marvin, Hannah’s cardiologist, to see if we could get in to see them both.  We were supposed to see Dr. Marvin on June 29th anyway, so it would just be a few weeks ahead.

I know, for a fact, that the Lord orchestrated this all!  I know we had that seizure for a reason and I know that the Lord gave Dr. Kim the wisdom and insight to have us go on and see Dr. Marvin early.  When I called Dr. Marvin’s office, he happened to have an opening at 9:15 the next morning, which is unheard of!

The next morning by 9:45am, we had already had an ECHO and an EKG and were just waiting to talk to Dr. Marvin.  When he came in, he asked what happened the day before and I told him and then the words he spoke hit us hard!  It was the news we had been dreading for 2 1/2 years, but yet, news that  I was expecting to hear.

Hannah’s heart was significantly worse than it was just 6 months earlier.  Then he looked at us and said that he really felt that the time had come to have her 3rd open-heart surgery!  This was so not the summer of fun that I had planned!  He would discuss her case the following week with his colleagues and the surgeons here in Jacksonville and would also send all her tests to Dr. Dabal, Hannah’s surgeon, who now lives and works in Birmingham.  We told Dr. Marvin that we wanted Dr. Dabal to do this surgery if at all possible, to which he agreed.

The waiting begins……..


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